Peter M. Lopez is an attorney, mediator, writer, and co-host of the Fantasy News Hour. Peter is married to network marketing mogul and retired kindergarten teacher and children's pastor, Lorin Lopez. They are the parents of Libby Grace, an aspiring artist, librarian, and firefighter girl; two rambunctious dogs, Oliver and Sophie; one incredible cat, Poptart America; and three glofish. When they aren't tending to animals, Peter and Lorin lead a marriage ministry (Marriage Makeover) and are active in the community.

TJ Wilson is KTLT 98.1FM The Ticket's resident fantasy sports expert. He has years of fantasy experience, and he has played in almost any type of fantasy sports league imaginable, even a few that are unimaginable. TJ is married to photographer extraordinaire and Zumba instructor to the stars, Brittany Wilson; and they are the proud parents of Captain America superfan, Brodie, and future late-night radio personality, Paizley. The Wilson's refuse to own a pet, citing allergies as the primary reason, although the evidence supporting this rationale is highly questionable.

Peter's skills as a litigator and mediator serve him well when matched up against TJ, who is always excitable, argumentative, and always (in his own mind) correct. And with his encyclopedic knowledge of sports and statistics, TJ is always ready for the hard-hitting cross-examination from Peter and listeners like you.