The Sunday Stack can help you build your Fanduel lineups.

The Sunday Stack can help you build your Fanduel lineups.

Every week, we each pick one lineup to publish in our Fanduel Faceoff. Check out our lineups in this week's Fanduel Faceoff if you want to see how we have constructed complete rosters (Hint: there are a lot of Patriots in those lineups also). 

The Sunday Stack is a suggested stack (multiple players from the same team) to use as a foundation for your roster. There is a suggested stack for cash games, 50/50's, double-ups, 1-1's, and other small league contests. There is also a suggested stack for tournament games, or GPPs (guaranteed prize pools), contests with large numbers of players. The values are the current Fanduel values.

The primary difference in the two stacks is that the cash-game stack is much more conservative as there are a large number of winners in cash-game contests, and the purpose is to place in the top pre-determined percentage of the league. The tournament stack is usually a less-expensive, but riskier group of players. The odds of winning a tournament are much smaller, so players with low ownership percentages are essential.

Cash-Game Stack

I typically do not buy into narratives artificially created by the media to generate buzz. However, I think the Patriots-Colts revenge narrative is for real. First of all, it was a Colts exec who reported the under-inflated balls and started the whole Deflategate fiasco. Second, Tom Brady is in the middle of his Gronk-You Tour, and he will continue to stick it to the NFL. Finally, I think Brady wants to remind everyone who was anointing Andrew Luck as the next great thing that the old man still has a little gas in the tank. So, it may be obvious, but this week's Cash Game Stack is Brady, et al.

  • QB - Tom Brady ($9,000)
  • WR - Julian Edelman ($7,900)
  • TE - Rob Gronkowski ($8,200)


  • QB - Tom Brady ($9,000)
  • RB - Dion Lewis ($7,200) or RB - LeGarrette Blount ($6,500)
  • WR - Julian Edelman ($7,900) or TE - Rob Gronkowski ($8,200)

The first is more expensive, but there are bargains to be had at running back such as Danny Woodhead (the Chargers should be chasing points) and Charcandrick West (the Chiefs' next man up) to make it work. The second could also feature Donte Moncrief (Colts should be chasing points, too) or Keenan Allen (see Chargers above) with the money you save. Not coincidentally, the Pats-Colts, Pack-Chargers games are the two highest Vegas over-under's for the week, and the guys who set those know what they're doing.

Tournament Stack

Anyone remember the Ryan Fitzpatrick-DeAndre Hopkins stack from last year? I'm not saying Brian Hoyer is going to throw six touchdown passes, but Jacksonville gets into more shootouts than you would think. Also, Bortles is no slouch (I'm actually using a Bortles-Robinson stack today also), despite his injured shoulder, and the Jags could put up numbers against the disappointing Texans defense.

  • QB - Brian Hoyer ($6,700)
  • RB - Arian Foster ($8,500)
  • WR - DeAndre Hopkins ($8,500)

Admittedly, this stack is more expensive than a typical tourney stack, but Hoyer is a good tourney play, and I'm hoping folks are scared off of Foster this week.

Enjoy your DFS plays!


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