Our Sunday Stack is a great starting point to help you with setting your Fanduel lineups.

Our Sunday Stack is a great starting point to help you with setting your Fanduel lineups.

The Sunday Stack is a suggested Fanduel stack (multiple players from the same team) to use as a foundation to help you construct your roster. There is a Sunday Stack for cash games, 50/50's, double-ups, 1-1's, and other small league contests. There is also a stack for tournament games, or GPPs (guaranteed prize pools), contests with large numbers of players. The values are the current Fanduel values.

We also each pick one lineup to publish in our weekly Fanduel Faceoff. Check out our lineups in this week's Fanduel Faceoff if you want to see how we have constructed complete rosters. 

The difference in the two stacks is that the cash-game stack is more conservative as there are a large number of winners in cash-game contests, and the goal is to place in the top half or other pre-determined percentage of the league. The tournament stack is usually a less-expensive, but riskier stack. The odds of winning a tournament are much smaller, so players with low ownership percentages are essential.

Cash-Game Stack:

The Ravens pass defense has been atrocious, and the Cardinals passing game has been virtually unstoppable. A Palmer-Fitzgerald stack is a no-brainer. If you want to gamble on a repeat of last week, you can easily add John Brown to the mix and assure yourself that you have the one that hits.

  • QB - Carson Palmer (Ari - $8,200). The Ravens pass defense is terrible.
  • WR - Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - $7,800). He's still Palmer's go-to guy.


  • QB - Carson Palmer (Ari - $8,200).
  • WR - Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - $7,800).
  • WR - John Brown (Ari - $6,700). Watch the "Q" tag.

Tournament Stack:

Ryan Fitzpatrick has won a few tournaments for folks before. He's not a sexy pick, but he should be chasing points against the Patriots, and he's got two good receivers. Also, it's hard to believe, but Chris Ivory has been the most consistent part of the Jets' offense. This is not the lovable loser Jet team of butt-fumble fame. The Jets are legit.

  • QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ - $7,100). Remember the 6-TD game last year?
  • WR - Brandon Marshall (NYJ - $8,200). He's Fitz' favorite target.
  • WR - Eric Decker (NYJ - $6,200) or RB - Chris Ivory ($7,800)

Both stacks are affordable and allow you to add high-end pieces like Devonta Freeman, Todd Gurley, or both. You could also easily start all four Jets listed, but I don't think I would do that. If you like all four, play a few different lineup combinations.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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