Kansas City Chiefs running back Charcandrick West rushed for 110 yards and a touchdown.

Another week, another superstar out for the season. This week, Arian Foster has the honors. Foster tore his Achilles at the back end of a blowout. Those are fantasy Catch 22's. I don't want to be cavalier about a very serious injury; however, fantasy owners want the junk time numbers, but we also get burned by junk time injuries.

While that was definitely the worst of the day, here are a few of the best:

Ryan Tannehill (QB, Mia) - 27 fantasy points.

I was touting Tannehill heavily coming into the season. To say he under-performed to start the season would be a gross under-statement. It seems that interim coach Dan Campbell has some sort of magic elixir. The Dolphins have been awesome for two weeks in a row, especially Tannehill. I fully expect Tannehill to be a top-ten quarterback going forward.

Former ACU Wildcat Charcandrick West is a #MCM and must-add in fantasy football.

Former ACU Wildcat Charcandrick West is a #MCM and must-add in fantasy football.

Charcandrick West (RB, KC) - 18 fantasy points.

Yeah, so, this might be a local-guy-makes-it-big pick, but I'm okay with that. ACU alum Charcandrick West had the game I envisioned him having when he inherited the job from Jamaal Charles. West was quick and fast. He is by no means Charles, however, he does have the same skill set - a poor man's Charles. West is the lead back in KC until further notice. Own him, he's a flex option, and an RB2 in a good matchup.

Mike Evans (WR, TB) - 22 fantasy points.

My co-host, Peter, and I had a text exchange this morning about who to start in our FNH show leauge. We have Vincent Jackson, who had a good matchup. I said sit him for Brandin Cooks. I had a feeling this would be a get-right game for Mike Evans. I would say this game would qualify as just that. There's not a ton to say about Evans that hasn't been said. He has all the tools you want in a wide receiver, but he will be perpetually stuck in a WR2 spot until Winston starts force feeding him. Lets hope that happens sooner than later.

Jordan Reed (TE, Was) - 19 fantasy points.

I feel like I keep beating this drum. Reed is an absolute stud when he's healthy. I realize that's a huge caveat. However, HE'S HEALTHY! Everyone should own him, and unless you have one of the top-tier tight ends, you should also be starting him. He's a top-five TE when healthy. Period. We need to start treating him like one.

Last week I wrote about being at a bar in my hometown in Cali when the Lions procured their first win. I wasn't there this week, so, of course, they lost. Calvin looks like Calvin again, Ebron is a top-ten TE going forward, and Abdullah finally looked like the guy we saw in week one.

I also watched a lot of the Cowboy-Giant game, and all I have to say is, "Texas misses you, Tony."


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