Peter & TJ choose a Fanduel lineup every week to publish in their Fanduel Faceoff.

Peter & TJ choose a Fanduel lineup every week to publish in their Fanduel Faceoff.

Each week, we choose a Fanduel lineup to compete in our Fanduel Faceoff.

The lineups for last week's Fanduel Faceoff set a Fantasy News Hour record for Fanduel points scored. If you played Peter's lineup, you scored over 158 points. But that wasn't quite enough to beat TJ's lineup which scored over 160 points.

Either lineup would have easily cashed in most Fanduel contests. According to the Fanduel Insider blog, the average minimum winning score in 50/50 games is 111.21 points. In head-to-head games, it is 120.4. In tournaments, the average winning minimum score is 121.85.

However, and most surprising, the average best score in 50/50 games is 159.8. That's right, if you had played Peter's lineup, you would have been within one point of the average best score across all Fanduel 50/50 contests. If you had played TJ's, you would have topped the average best score. The average best score in multipliers (double-, triple-, quadruple-, and quintuple-ups) is 164.56. In tournaments, the average best score is 177.38. Not too shabby.

Obviously, our lineups do not perform that well every week. If so, we would retire. Additionally, the lineups we do publish are specifically designed for cash games, not tournaments, as we remind our listeners and readers each week. Cash games are 50/50s, double-ups, or leagues with a small number of contestants.

If you want more information for setting tournament lineups, check out this week's Sunday Stack column.

This week's lineups are:

Peter's lineup ($60,000/$60,000).

  • QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ - $7,400). Raiders pass defense is awful.
  • RB - Todd Gurley (StL - $8,100). He's been dominant, and the 49ers are dysfunctional.
  • RB - Doug Martin (TB - $7,500). The Muscle Hamster is back.
  • WR - Brandon Marshall (NYJ - $8,300). The Fitz-Marshall stack should be money.
  • WR - Michael Crabtree (Oak - $5,700). Revis on Cooper = big #'s for Crabtree.
  • WR - Alshon Jeffrey (Chi - $7,700). He's back, too.
  • TE - Tyler Eifert (Cin - $6,000). Steelers D is not so stingy anymore.
  • K - Robbie Gould (Chi - $4,600). His price per point is great value.
  • D - Vikings (Min - $4,700). Cheapest, best D available.

TJ's lineup ($60,000/$60,000).

  • QB - Andy Dalton (Cin - $8,100). You can rely on the Red Rocket.
  • RB - Justin Forsett (Bal - $6,900). Chargers can't stop the run.
  • RB - Giovani Bernard (Cin - $6,700). Bengals QB-passing-downs back stack.
  • WR - Stefon Diggs (Chi - $6,700). Bears can't stop the pass.
  • WR - DeAndre Hopkins ($9,000). He is the man!
  • WR - Eric Decker (NYJ - $6,400). The cheaper of the two Jets receiving studs.
  • TE - Travis Kelce (KC - $5,900). The Lions D is a disaster.
  • K - Justin Tucker (Bal - $4,900). One of the best in the business.
  • D - Cardinals (Ari - $5,400). Pricey, but it's money well spent vs. the Browns.

We hope these help you in setting your Fanduel lineups. If you have any questions or comments, let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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