Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams running back rushed for 144 yards in the second half against the Arizona Cardinals.

The best part about this week? No big-name player was hurt and has to be out for multiple weeks.

That being said, we did have a surprise start from Matt Hasselbeck because Andrew Luck hurt his shoulder last week. From what I've read, it was somewhat of a conservative play so Luck would be ready for the divisional matchup on Thursday night. I wouldn't be that worried.

Hasselbeck isn't my MCM though. Not even close. A couple of these guys I've been crushing on for a while, the others, not so much.

Sam Bradford (QB, Phi), 23 points.

This week wasn't the best for QB scoring, so Bradford's 23 points vaulted him to second among QBs not counting the MNF game. More than his point total, he took shots downfield. He found Riley Cooper and Nelson Agholor for long pass plays. Maybe those shots will open things up for the running game. Even if it doesn't, it leaves Bradford as a good buy low candidate.

Todd Gurley (RB, StL), 15 points.

I have loved Gurley since he was a freshman at UGA. He is everything you want in a workhorse back. He's big, fast, and nimble. This is now his job, and he will end the season as the OROY. He ran very well in the second half of the game gaining 144 of his 146 yards and looked dominant. If you can still buy semi-low, DO IT NOW!

Tavon Austin (WR, StL), 23 points.

Austin was the top ranked WR before Monday night. This might be it. StL has a run game, and Austin can now be the Harvin to Gurley's Peterson (referencing the success Percy Harvin had while playing with Adrian Peterson). Austin is more of a speculative add, but one that could pay off big.

Gary Barnidge (TE, Cle).

Maybe I should have written about him last week. He had a very good game against the Raiders. Instead, I waited until this week, and I can now say he is the highest scoring TE of the last 2 weeks. I'm not saying you should go out and add Barnidge, however, he is a good matchup play as long as McCown is starting in Cleveland.

Freeman had another great day. Hurns is a guy I loved this week, and he made me look smart. I had a plethora of players to choose from, and it was a nice week to like obscure players. Just for kicks and giggles, pick an obscure guy this week and keep tabs on him Sunday. It's a lot more fun than you think!


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