Instead of writing the MCM piece this week, I took a different approach. I kinda went the other way. Today, I'm writing about “The Hottest Girl in Class.”

I think that we've all experienced this phenomenon. We're in an environment for an extended period of time, and all of a sudden, something that wasn't appealing to us initially, becomes intoxicating. It can range from a girl in class, to a motor scooter, to a salad (I hope it never comes to that). I realized this concept during high school. Teenage's a shallow beginning but the concept is just that. I'm going to try to use this concept to identify my HGC candidates from time to time. This week the guy is Antonio Andrews.

I've been hyping the Titans RB for a couple of weeks now. Digging into his numbers and comparing him to some of the "hotter" backs, I've noticed that I've fallen into old habits. As much as I like Andrews, he's never going to be the most desirable guy in a big class.

With that being said, there is value in being the HGC. In this case, the class is the Tennessee backfield. Andrews and David Cobb are fighting for votes, and, well, Cobb came to the party fat (I say that as I write this at Taco Bell). Andrews is the workhorse in the backfield and should be owned for RB needy teams which is almost everyone.

With all the injuries this season to backs, Andrews shouldn't just be my HGC. He should probably be most of ours. New coach Mike Mularkey came out and said that Andrews is the guy. Andrews has increased his usage the past 4 games. That's an automatic floor. I would predict that seven points is about his floor. His ceiling isn't that high but having a floor in today's landscape of running backs is a pretty nice thing.

Small class or not, Andrews is the prom queen in Tennessee.


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