Every week we battle in our Fanduel Faceoff.

Every week we battle in our Fanduel Faceoff.

Every week, TJ and I pick one of our Fanduel lineups to compete head-to-head in our Fanduel Faceoff.

Last week's Faceoff lineups were money, again.If you used last week's Faceoff lineups, you would have scored 141.94 and 153.16 points, but it was TJ's Steelers stack that beat my Raiders stack.

A quick reminder: the lineups we publish are meant to be used in cash games. Cash games are 50/50s, double-ups, or leagues with a small number of contestants or with large winning percentages. If you want more information for setting cash-game or tournament specific lineups, check out this week's Sunday Stack column.

This week's lineups are:

Peter's lineup ($59,900/$60,000).

  • QB - Tom Brady (NE - $9,100). Can you say, "Giant's Defense"?
  • RB - James Starks (GB - $6,000). He's the Packers starter now.
  • RB - Darren McFadden (Dal - $7,000). DMC is running again.
  • WR - Julian Edelman (NE - $8,000). Brady's beneficiary.
  • WR - Michael Crabtree (Oak - $6,400). Riding the hot streak.
  • WR - Kamar Aiken (Bal - $5,400). There's no one else to throw to.
  • TE - Rob Gronkowski (NE - $8,000). TE's shred the Giant's.
  • K - Stephen Gostkowski (NE - $5,100). It rhymes with Gronkowski.
  • D - Packers (GB - $4,900). The Lions are lame.

TJ's lineup ($60,000/$60,000).

  • QB - Aaron Rodgers (GB - $9,200).Even TJ knows the Lions are toast.
  • RB - DeAngelo Williams (Pit - $7,700). He's been a beast.
  • RB - James Starks (GB - $6,000). It feels like we're picking on the Lions.
  • WR - Randall Cobb (GB- $7,700). See what I mean.
  • WR - Kamar Aiken (Bal $5,400). Someone's got to catch Flacco's balls.
  • WR - Stefon Diggs (Min - $5,800). Raiders secondary is .rough.
  • TE - Rob Gronkowski (NE - $8,000). He's Gronk, and he plays the Giants.
  • K - Brandon McManus (Den - $4,800). Denver kicker's are always good.
  • D - Panthers (Car - $4,700). One of the best defenses in fantasy.

We hope our Fanduel lineups help yours. If you have any questions or comments, let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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