Use our weekly Sunday Stack to help set your Fanduel cash-game and tournament lineups.

Use our weekly Sunday Stack to help set your Fanduel cash-game and tournament lineups.

The weekly Sunday Stack is designed to help with setting your Fanduel lineups.

A "stack" is starting multiple players from the same NFL team in good matchups to try and capitalize on scoring opportunities.

As usual, there is a cash-game stack. Cash-games are 50/50's, double-ups, and other contests with high winning percentages. There is also a tournament or GPP (guaranteed prize pool) stack. Tournaments have large numbers of players and large payouts, but the odds of winning are much smaller.

The quarterbacks and tight ends from last week's Sunday Stack paid off, but the receivers either got injured or under-performed. Brady and Gronk were fine, but Edelman is out for the remainder of the regular season. Cousins was incredible, Reed was solid, but Garcon has seen better days.

Quick reminder: the cash-game stack is a more expensive and more conservative play because cash games have higher winning percentages so less risk is involved. The tournament stack is typically less expensive but riskier as the odds of winning are much smaller. Also, using players with lower ownership percentages is much more important in tournaments. All values listed are the current Fanduel values.

Cash-Game Stack:

There are several good options this week. Brady-Amendola/LaFell-Gronk, Rivers-Johnson-Gates, and Cam-Olsen are all viable cash-game plays and stacks I am using in various lineups. The stacks I'm suggesting this week, though, both play against each other: Carr-Crabtree-Cooper and Stafford-Megatron-Ebron. A few weeks ago, Carr would have been a tournament stack, but his ownership percentage is huge. He's no longer an upside play. Similarly, Stafford has fallen to the point of being a tournament play because he is so cheap, but this week he is also pretty safe. Two dynamic passing games plus two very bad pass defenses equals fantasy goodness.

  • QB - Derek Carr (Oak - $7,700).
  • WR - Michael Crabtree (Oak - $6,500) and/or Amari Cooper (Oak - $7,200).


  • QB - Matthew Stafford (Det - $7,000).
  • WR - Calvin Johnson (Det - 8,100).
  • TE - Eric Ebron (Det - $5,400).

Tournament Stack:

Again, there are two that are most enticing. You could play the Lions stack given Stafford's value, or a Tyrod Taylor-Sammy Watkins or Charles Clay stack since the Bills could be chasing points. You could even play an Alex Smith-Jeremy Maclin and/or Travis Kelce stack against the Chargers. However, I'm playing the QB of "butt fumble" fame and Abilene Wylie's own Case Keenum. At their values, you can spend extravagantly elsewhere.

  • QB - Mark Sanchez (Phi - $6,400).
  • WR - Jordan Matthews (Phi 0 $6,300).


  • QB - Case Keenum (StL - $4,800).
  • WR - Tavon Austin (StL - $6,000) or Kenny Britt (StL - $5,300).

TJ recommends playing Brian Quick with Keenum, but TJ is crazy. If you're crazy, though, go ahead. That's the kind of craziness that could pay off.

If you want to see how we construct complete cash-game lineups, check out our Fanduel Faceoff for this week, where we each pick one cash-game lineup to play against each other head-to-head.


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