We hope your Thanksgiving turkey is better than the injured Ravens, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Falcons.

It was the week of the bird hunter!

I have gotten away from the actual MCM portion of the MCM column the last couple of weeks, and I'm probably doing it again. It seems like if you were on a team with a bird theme, you either got hurt or forgot how the game of football was played.

Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett (Ravens) went down for the season. Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) was a late scratch and, now, might have a sports hernia and could also be out for the season. Devonta Freeman (Falcons) went down with a concussion and may be out for a week or more. Michael Floyd (Cardinals) also was a late scratch and didn't play. The Eagles forgot that when you play defense, you are suppose to keep the other team out of the painted area.

On a good note, we learned that Eagles are below Muscle Hamsters on the food chain. Charcandrick must stand for some sort of bird also because he went out with a hamstring injury as well.

These are the crushes this week:

Jameis Winston (TB) - 29 points.

I'm guessing that Winston was tired of Mariota having all the fun. Winston has been steady for a rookie signal caller. Sunday, he was great. Five touchdown passes will do that to you though. Don't look now, but TB is only a game out of the wild card spot. It doesn't mean much for fantasy, but that's pretty interesting.

Thomas Rawls (Sea) - 36 points.

Rawls wasn't even supposed to start. He did, and he made everyone forget about Marshawn Lynch. He ran hard and was fast. Over 200 yards rushing and over 40 receiving. I think that if Lynch is out for the season, the 'Hawks will do just fine with Rawls.

JJ Nelson (Arz) - 20 points.

Everyone raise your hand if you played Nelson this week. Okay, okay, a better test: raise your hand if you even know who JJ Nelson is. Nelson is a small school burner (sounds a lot like John Brown). Nelson won't really have much value going forward with Fitzgerald, Brown, and Floyd expected to play next week. It does go to show that Arizona's WRs are better than yours.

Crockett Gillmore (Bal) - 10 points.

He's one of the few Ravens that didn't get hurt. With Flacco out for the season now, Gillmore should be added in all leagues. There are two things Matt Schaub does: throw pick-sixes and throw to his tight end. I'll be bold and say Gillmore from this point on is a top-five TE.

This week was the worst of two worlds: random performances and everyone dropping. Lets hope everyone has a better week to come. I mean, everyone gets to eat turkey and mashed taters!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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