Our Sunday Stack can help you construct your FanDuel lineups.

Our Sunday Stack can help you construct your FanDuel lineups.

The Sunday Stack is our effort to give you a solid foundation for setting your FanDuel lineups.

If you want to see how we construct complete cash-game lineups, check out our weekly FanDuel Faceoff, where TJ and I pick one of our cash lineups and battle it out head-to-head.

If you're new to daily fantasy sports (DFS), a "stack" is when you start multiple players from the same team to try and maximize scoring opportunities in good matchups. In DFS football games, it is typically a quarterback and wide receiver or quarterback and tight end.

Below is a cash-game stack. Cash-games are 50/50's, double-ups, and other contests with high winning percentages. There is also a tournament or GPP (guaranteed prize pool) stack. Tournaments have large numbers of players and large payouts, but the odds of winning are much smaller. The cash-game stacks are more expensive and more conservative because there is less risk involved. The tournament stack is usually less expensive but much riskier as the odds of winning are so much smaller. Also, using players with lower ownership percentages is much more important in tournaments. 

Last week's cash-game stacks performed quite well, but the Tannehill stack I suggested for tournaments, not so much. However, a conversation we had on our radio show this week motivated me to give Tannehill another shot this week.

Because this week's matchups are a little strange (49ers @ Browns), and many of the good DFS plays of late have tough matchups (Carr & Co. @ Denver), I'm going to show how you can take a team with a good matchup and, in the right situation, make a pivot play to use one combination in a cash game and another in a tournament. Many DFS players will avoid Tannehill this week because he burned us last week. The same for Landry, so their ownership percentages should be down despite a choice matchup versus the Giants pass defense.

Similarly, Tampa Bay draws, as TJ calls them, the "slot machine" Saints defense. Winston has been a good play recently, but Austin Sefarian-Jenkins' return last week left a lot to be desired. I'm betting it was an ease-him-back-into-the-swing-of-things kind of week, so you can play the Winston-Evans stack in your cash games and Winston-ASJ in tourneys. Admittedly, this strategy is somewhat risky, but the payoff could be huge.

Reminder: all values listed are the current Fanduel values.


Because there are only a few great matchups this week, you can try and capitalize on them in both cash games and tournaments with slight adjustments. Here are the cash-game plays

  • QB - Ryan Tannehill (Mia - $6,900). Typically a tourney play, but should be safe this week.
  • WR - Jarvis Landry (Mia - $7,100). Big make up game coming today.


  • QB - Jameis Winston (TB - $7,800). The Saints are still a slot machine.
  • TE - Mike Evans (TB - $8,000). He should feast on the Saints defense.


And the tournament pivots:

  • QB - Ryan Tannehill (Mia - $6,900). He's dirt cheap this week because of last week.
  • WR - DeVante Parker (Mia - $5,900). His price is up a lot, but still a tremendous value.


  • QB - Jameis Winston (TB - $7,800). The Saints are still a slot machine.
  • WR - Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (TB - $5,500). And they are still terrible against tight ends.

May your FanDuel accounts be filled!


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