Use the Fantasy News Hour Sunday Stacks to help with setting your FanDuel lineups.

Use the Fantasy News Hour Sunday Stacks to help with setting your FanDuel lineups.

The Sunday Stack is our weekly attempt to help you with setting your FanDuel lineups.

As we remind our readers and listeners, a "stack" is when you play multiple players from the same NFL team to try and capitalize on scoring opportunities in good matchups. There is a cash-game stack. Cash-games are 50/50's, double-ups, and other contests with high winning percentages. There is also a GPP (guaranteed prize pool) or tournament stack. Tournaments have large numbers of players and large payouts, but the odds of winning are much smaller.

The cash-game stacks are typically more expensive and more conservative as there is less risk involved. The tournament stack is usually less expensive but much riskier as the odds of winning are so much smaller. Also, using players with lower ownership percentages is much more important in tournaments. All values listed are the current Fanduel values.

Last week's Miami stack hit, but the Tampa Bay stack did not. The Tannehill-Landry stack was especially successful if you also played Odell Beckham, Jr. from the same game. The Bucs-Saints game didn't turn into the shootout we expected, but such is life.

This week, there is a lot of low-hanging fruit. I'm assuming you're playing a Wilson-Baldwin, Newton-Olsen, and Newton-Ginn stacks. You have to ride the waves while they last. Palmer and his trio of receivers at the Eagles is also an easy call. However, I'm guessing the ownership percentages of those three quarterbacks and their various variations will be extremely high. There is a duo of quarterbacks who have been up and down all season, so their inconsistency might have some scared off. Also, both of their defenses have been better than expected of late, and their recent matchups with obvious shootout potential didn't materialize. And this week they play each other. And on Monday Night Football.


The Lions at Saints has all the makings of a 45-41 track meet. The game has the highest over/under of the week at 51 points, but even that is conservative. It wouldn't surprise me if either one of those teams scored 51 alone. Yes, both defenses have been playing better. And, yes, some of the shootouts we've expected from these two have flopped. Not this week. It's week 15. There is little for these two teams to play for other than pride, and if either or both offenses get on an early roll, it's on. This is a DFS dream Monday night matchup.

  • QB - Drew Brees (NO - $8,000). Pricey, but not so high as to scare you off.
  • TE - Ben Watson (NO - $5,600). This is the value pairing.


  • WR -  Brandin Cooks (NO - $7,000). He should have a nice game vs. the Lions D.


  • QB - Matthew Stafford (Det - $7,800). As TJ says, "The Saints are a slot machine."
  • WR - Calvin Johnson (Det - $8,000). Megatron should feast this week.


Another obvious tournament stack is Kirk Cousins, who has been remarkable at home, and either Jordan Reed (safer) or DeSean Jackson (boom or bust). You can't go wrong playing Wilson either as his numbers have been ridiculous, and you can pair him with either Baldwin, who has also been ridiculous, or shoot for the moon and play Tyler Lockett. However, as I wrote last week, if there's a game you really want in on, you can pivot from one player to another and adjust for cash games or tournaments. And I really want in on the Lions-Saints. 

  • QB - Drew Brees (NO - $8,000).
  • WR - Willie Snead (NO - $6,000).
  • TE - Ben Watson (NO - $5,600).


  • QB - Matthew Stafford (Det - $7,800).
  • WR - Golden Tate (Det - $6,900), and/or
  • TE - Eric Ebron (Det - $4,800).

May your FanDuel accounts be filled!


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