Marcus Mariota (QB, Ten) rushed for over 100 yards and once against made TJ's #MCM

There's only one game left in week 13, and no huge name has gone down. On top of that, this might have been the best fantasy day overall this season.

It was a fun day to be a fantasy owner or just a fan of offense. Good timing, with it being the last week of the regular season in most fantasy leagues. Let's hope for more of the same going forward.

I'm going to pat myself on the back today with my MCM because all of these guys are players I recommended you start this week.

Marcus Mariota (QB, Ten).

Ball on his own 13, no problem. Mariota went 87 yards for the score with his legs. Over 100 yards and a score on the ground alone. Very impressive day. He has the Jets this week so don't expect quite the same.

Buck Allen (RB, Bal).

12 catches...12. Unreal how good he was in the passing game. His rushing stats, not quite as impressive. He scored and was a dual threat. Valuable piece of machinery. He has tough matchups going forward, but, with him being so good in the passing game, don't fret my friends.

Doug Baldwin (WR, Sea).

Second straight game. He was great again this week. Something weird has happened in Seattle. Lynch and Graham go down and their offense is better. Baldwin will keep it going.

Scott Chandler (TE, NE).

60 yards and a TD. I could write more but that's exactly what you should expect from Chandler with Gronk out.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs. Let's hope for more high scoring, low injury weeks.


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