2015 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Good Afternoon, Folks,

The WR position has the best depth of any position this year.  The guys at the top can go in almost any order, and everyone seems to have their flavor of the month at the back end. I typically don’t like to get my first WR until around the third round, but this year may be a bit different with all the very talented WRs in the first and second. Like all other positions, draft for value.

I also have my flavors of the month at the end of the draft.  I have three specifically: Charles Johnson (Min) has a QB which I believe will breakout. No one is going to be playing pass against the Vikings when Mr. Peterson is in the backfield. Norv Turner made Keenan Allen and Josh Gordon into absolute studs when he was their coordinator. Johnson’s big and has a burner on the other side.  Keep him on your radar.

Allen Robinson (Jax) was becoming a stud last season before going down with injury. Bortles has a year under his belt and will be looking at Robinson a lot. Yeldon should be better than Gerhart, so safeties won’t be able to cheat as much. Jax will be chasing points and throwing. Look hard at him in a PPR. 

John Brown (Ari) was the best WR in Arizona last year in my opinion. Every time he had the ball thrown his way, he was open and made plays. QB was a train wreck last year for the Cards. Palmer is back and, hopefully, will stay that way for a while. Arians will throw a lot, and Brown could end the season as a top-25 WR.  

WR is a position that relies heavily on other positions, QB especially. Keep those things in mind when you believe players are neck and neck.

1. Antonio Brown (Pit) – Tons of targets.
2. Dez Bryant (Dal) – It pains me to say it, but the most talented WR in the league.
3. Calvin Johnson (Det) – Best physical tools, needs to stay healthy (for my health).
4. Demaryius Thomas (Den) – Peyton’s favorite target.
5. Julio Jones (Atl) – Could very well end at No. 1.
6. Odell Beckham, Jr. (NYG) – We all watched last year, he’s pretty good.
7. A.J. Green (Cin) – Very undervalued player.
8. Jordy Nelson (GB) – Doesn’t drop anything, and runs great routes.
9. Alshon Jeffery (Chi) – He’ll be a target monster without Marshall.
10. Mike Evans (TB) – He might not be as fast, but his arms are bigger than yours.
11. Randall Cobb (GB) – TD dependent, but he’ll get a bunch again.
12. T.Y. Hilton (Ind) – Top target for the best young QB.
13. Jordan Matthews (Phi) – Top targets in Chip’s offense do well.
14. Brandin Cooks (NO) – He would be much higher if he ended last season healthy.
15. Emmanuel Sanders (Den) – He said his numbers wouldn’t be as good, still will be useful.
16. DeAndre Hopkins (Hou) – QB is a problem, talent isn’t.
17. Kelvin Benjamin (Car) – Huge and is learning how to play.
18. Keenan Allen (SD) – No Gates. Needs a bounce back.
19. Sammy Watkins (Buf) – Super talented, but messy QB situation.
20. Jeremy Maclin (KC) – KC WR’s will surely catch one TD this season
21. Golden Tate (Det) – If Megatron gets hurts, he’s a top 10 guy.
22. Jarvis Landry (Mia) – Tons of catches, not a ton of yards.
23. DeSean Jackson (Was) – Doesn’t need a lot of touches to have a lot of production.
24. Brandon Marshall (NYJ) – They need to throw to someone.
25. Amari Cooper (Oak) – He’ll be peppered with targets, and they’ll be losing.
26. Andre Johnson (Ind) – He has a little left still.
27. Julian Edelman (NE) – Brady loves him.
28. Charles Johnson (Min) – Norv loves him.
29. Allen Robinson (Jax) – PPR Monster.
30. Michael Floyd (Ari) – He’s big and strong, let’s hope he puts it together.
31. Martavis Bryant (Pit) – If he wins the job, he’s dangerous.
32. Vincent Jackson (TB) – Winston will rely on his leadership.
33. Torrey Smith (SF) – He’ll catch more than he did in Baltimore.
34. Roddy White (Atl) – Old, but reliable.
35. Nelson Agholor (Phi) – Could end as the best WR in Philadelphia.
36. Kendall Wright (Ten) – Mariota is reported to be good. Let’s hope.
37. Larry Fitzgerald (Ari) – I love Fitz, and I don’t want him to be done.
38. Devante Adams (GB) – Big talent, great QB.
39. John Brown (Ari) – Could end as the best AZ WR. 
40. Cody Latimer (Den) – Peyton will find him, especially down the sideline.

There are still some steals beyond this point. In a PPR league, make sure and look at guys that get peppered with targets. Also, don’t be afraid to draft WRs on bad teams. They will throw a lot chasing points. Remember, draft value!


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