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There’s really only one name when it comes to TEs. You don’t even have to say his name. All you have to say is a barbaric grunt, and most people will know who you’re talking about. Of course, this TE is Rob Gronkowski. He is head and shoulders above the rest.

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If you want to draft him, you’ll have to take him in the first round, or, if you are lucky, early in the second. Remember, there are a few concerns. Tom Brady is fighting a legal battle, and Gronk has dealt with injuries. He will give you an advantage at that position every week, though. 

After Gronk, there are a few different tiers. Jimmy Graham and Travis Kelce are the next tier, Greg Olsen, Jordan Cameron, Martellus Bennett, Julius Thomas are the next. After that it gets a little choppy.

Basically, you start to take fliers on players and hope they can catch a TD every once a while. TE streaming is a common option for people. Playing the matchup isn’t a terrible idea.  Typically, my strategy has been to get one of the top three or wait until the end and pray.

1. Rob Gronkowski (NE) – The best. Not close.
2. Jimmy Graham (Sea) – New team, but still won’t block much.
3. Travis Kelce (KC) – Alex Smith can’t throw deep, which is great for Kelce.
4. Greg Olsen (Car) – High floor, and you know what you’re getting.
5. Jordan Cameron (Mia) – Like Kelce, Tannehill throws 5 yard passes.
6. Martellus Bennett (Chi) – Who else is Cutler going to throw to, everyone is hurt?
7. Julius Thomas (Jax) – Reports say he’s the best athlete on the team.
8. Tyler Eifert (Cin) – Remember the guy at ND a few years ago, he’s here and healthy.
9. Jason Witten (Dal) – No Murray, Romo will throw his best friend a few more bones this year.
10. Delanie Walker (Ten) – Rookie QB’s like their TE.
11. Owen Daniels (Den) – As of now, he’s Peyton’s TE, and that’s good news.
12. Dwayne Allen (Ind) – Jason Witten light, best blocking TE in the league right now.
13. Vernon Davis (SF) – Hoping for a bounce back.
14. Zach Ertz (Phi) – He’s hurt now, but plays in THAT offense.
15. Jordan Reed (Was) – There is literally no one else.
16. Antonio Gates (SD) –  He’s going to sit and think about what he did for 4 games.
17. Kyle Rudolph (Min) – Health is a huge concern.
18. Charles Clay (Buf) – More productive in Mia than we all remember.
19. Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TB) – He’s huge, and Winston has a history with TE’s.
20. Eric Ebron (Det) – Probably the most athletic guy on the list. PLEASE BE GOOD!!

From 10 down, you can take any of those guys and justify your pick. TE is weak this year, so play accordingly


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