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Defenses are matchup dependent for me, even when it’s Buffalo or Seattle.

The NFL loves offense and, well, we do also.

This position takes some research every week. I will put down my top 20 defenses to start the season, but you need to be diligent with this position.

1.    Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan and a dominant DL. 
2.    Seattle Seahawks – Always good. Pete knows defense.
3.    Houston Texans – Watt and Clowney Act 2.
4.    Miami Dolphins – Suh is good, and Grimes isn’t bad either.
5.    St Louis Rams – Best DT in the league, and it's not close.
6.    New York Jets – Dominant DT and CB, no other team can say that.
7.    Detroit Lions – Haloti is Ngata Suh, but he’ll help with that departure.
8.    Arizona Cardinals – Lost Boles but still has a ton of talent on this side of the ball.
9.    Carolina Panthers – Bounce back to an elite D.
10.    Minnesota Vikings – This whole team is getting better.
11.    Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Berry’s return will help in regards to talent and inspiration.
12.    Cleveland Browns – Sneaky good D.
13.    Cincinnati Bengals – Get after the passer.
14.    New England Patriots – The offense being so good hurts this squad.
15.    Philadelphia Eagles – They have to play a lot of snaps.
16.    Baltimore Ravens – Could definitely surprise but lost a lot on the DL with Ngata.
17.    Dallas Cowboys – Fools gold last year.
18.    Green Bay Packers – All they have to do is not lose the game.
19.    Denver Broncos – Ware and Miller could make me look dumb.
20.    New York Giants – Only reason they’re this high is because Steve Spagnuolo is back.

This is a position that changes weekly, and a team not on the list could end up being a top-five option.  Keep your eyes peeled for signs that a defense is better than expected


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