Read the Fantasy News Hour 2015 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Hello, folks. 

These are the first QB rankings of the year, and there are still plenty of unknowns.  Bradford or Sanchez (please be healthy, Sam), Mallet or Hoyer (Ryan, I have faith in you), Manziel or McCown (I don't think I need to elaborate), Brady or Garoppolo (Judge, you have this one), and, both last and least, Cassel, Manuel, or Taylor (I'm not sure anyone IN Buffalo cares about this one). 

What we do know is that Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are pretty good. Any league, any format, any planet.  

These initial rankings are just that. We haven't had a preseason game or even an inter squad scrimmage, yet. Be gentle.

  1. Andrew Luck (Ind)-He's good.
  2. Aaron Rodgers (GB)-Him too.
  3. Russell Wilson (Sea)-4th quarter is his beast mode. 
  4. Drew Brees (NO)-Spiller is Sproles 2.0 this year.
  5. Peyton Manning (Den)-He's Peyton.
  6. Cam Newton (Car)-He's their goal line back!
  7. Matt Ryan (Atl)-Julio! Julio! 
  8. Ben Roethlisburger (Pit)-30 points a game?
  9. Matt Stafford (Det)-I'm a Lions fan, so a homer pick.
  10. Ryan Tannehill (Mia)-Lots and lots of new toys. 
  11. Tony Romo (Dal)-DeMarco who?
  12. Eli Manning (NYG)-OBJ, please! 
  13. Tom Brady (NE)-Please, Your Honor.
  14. Philip Rivers (SD)-First 3 weeks, best QB in the league. 
  15. Colin Kaepernick (SF)-Not EXACTLY the best ever, Jaws. 
  16. Teddy Bridgewater (Min)-Breakout, anyone? 
  17. Sam Bradford (Phi)-Lots and lots of Advil 
  18. Joe Flacco (Bal)-Big Ben, Jr.?
  19. Jay Cutler (Chi)-He's dating Kristin Cavallari. Winning off the field, anyway. 
  20. Carson Palmer (Arz)-Share some of Sam's Advil.

There are still plenty of QB's beyond this point, so if you don't get who you want, wait...and wait longer.

Keep an eye on the fighting Chip Kelly's. QBs in that system put up good numbers, even underwear model, Mark Sanchez. Mariota could run...a lot. If you don't get a top-tier QB, take advantage of the weekly matchups.

That's all for now. Again, I beg, be gentle.


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