Play in the FNH-KTLT 98 The Ticket Fanduel League weekly against Peter & TJ.

Each week, we host a Fanduel League where we play against our listeners or anyone else who wants to play. The league fills quickly, so if you want in, join now.

Here is this week's FNH-KTLT 98 The Ticket Fanduel League. There is a $2 entry fee, and the top six places earn $. The prizes are $12 to 1st, $8 to 2nd, $5.50 to 3rd, $4.50 to 4th, $3.50 to 5th, and $2.50 to 6th.

The league started as a 10-team league, but it filled so fast, we wanted to give more listeners a chance to play against us. We now play a 20-team league, and we publish the league every Thursday on our Facebook page and on the FNH Twitter account.

However you choose to find it, find it and play with us. You will be glad you did.


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