Rishard Matthrews, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, is a must-add in fantasy football leagues.

Another week, another crazy set of circumstances.

The Colts were able to pull off their first win. It wasn't without drama, though. Big Ben is the latest injured QB, and I'm shocked about it. I thought he was indestructible. It was nice to see Philadelphia show up for the first time this season.

We also saw more of the same from NE and AZ. Those offenses are scary good. And not that I haven't been singing his praises (because I have in my add column and my other add column), but Tyrod Taylor is a good fantasy QB. Period.

Here are my man crushes for this week. As always, I am writing this on Sunday (during the Lions-Broncos game, which is frustrating-who gives up a 50-yard touchdown on 4th and 1? I hope your Sunday is going better than mine.), so breakouts from the Monday night game might not be included.

Andy Dalton (QB, Cin) 20/32, 383 yds., 3 TD, 1 INT, 1 rushing TD.

Dalton looked good today. I mean, he did have a rushing TD. What was the best thing the "Red Rifle" did you ask? He remembered that AJ Green is really good. Getting the ball to Green was the basis for Dalton's big day. Dalton had production from Marvin Jones as well, so he didn't just key in on Green. Dalton could very well end as a top 12 QB this season. The problem is that he will have some serious stinkers. He needs to be owned for streaming purposes, at the very least. With Big Ben out for at least 4 weeks, Dalton could very well be starting for you next week.

Ryan Mathews (RB, Phi) 108 yds. rushing, 20 yds. receiving, 1 TD.

I am contractually obligated mention Mathews every other week or so. Murray was out with a hammy giving Mathews the start. The Jets have a good rushing defense so this was even more impressive. I have been planting my flag in the Mathews camp all season, but Murray will still be the starter when he gets back. This game should make it hard for Philly to sit Mathews. I think we start to see the 50/30/20 split between Murray/Mathews/Sproles that Chip wanted all along. Add him everywhere you can.

Rishard Matthews (WR, Mia) 113 yds. receiving, 2 TDs.

Hopefully you took my advice and added Matthews last week. If you did, you're ahead of the curve. He'll surely be one of the hot waiver adds. Tannehill has found a rhythm with Matthews. That offense needs someone to step up. Matthews has had a few good games now. Sunday was mostly junk time, but junk time still counts. He is going to continue to get targets, which hurts DeVante Parker, but Matthews is a legitimate weapon in an offense that should get better

Greg Olsen (TE, Car) 134 yds. receiving, 2 TDs.

The obvious choice for this column would have been Gary Barnidge. Barnidge did have an awesome game. However, it was against the Raiders, who would give up two TDs to you, if you played TE. Olsen is a top-four tight end, and shouldn't find himself in an upstart, overachiever column. That said, he needed this game. Cam needed this game. Carolina needed this game. He was the dominate force we expected this season. I was very happy to see him respond like this, albeit against a low-end defense. Olsen is owned everywhere, as it should be.

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