During last week's radio program, we reviewed the 2015 Perfect Draft, and we named our 2015 fantasy football Most Valuable Players (MVPs) and Least Valuable Players (LVPs). We chose an overall MVP and LVP and positional MVPs and LVPs.

These are our 2015 Fantasy Football Least Valuable Players:



Eddie Lacy (GB - RB) was one of the 2015 Fantasy Football Least Valuable Players.

LVP - Eddie Lacy (RB27 - 1).

No one picked on Eddie Lacy or called him "fat" more than TJ, but Lacy is my LVP, not TJ's. Lacy's ADP of 4.9 made him the 3rd player off the board, but he finished as the 27th ranked running back - not exactly what you were expecting from the 3rd overall pick. If you drafted Lacy, I'm sure you agree. If you didn't, I'm sure you're glad.

QB - Aaron Rodgers (QB7 - 1).

This is almost blasphemous, but Rodgers didn't have a Rodgers-type of year. He was a first round draft pick that finished as the No. 7 QB. The loss of Jordy Nelson, the offensive line, and the lack of wide receivers who could catch the ball all conspired to hold Rodgers down. On the plus side, he could be a value pick next year.

C.J. Anderson (Den - RB) was one of the 2015 Fantasy Football Least Valuable running backs.

RB - C.J. Anderson (RB31 - 11).

Any reason to give TJ grief is a good reason to give TJ grief, and C.J. is definitely a reason to give TJ grief. No one tooted the C.J. Anderson horn louder than TJ. He could very easily be the overall LVP finishing as the 31st ranked running back - not startable for the majority of the year.

WR - Randall Cobb (WR30 - 2).

The Packers theme is unintentional, but it is what it is. The whole offense let fantasy owners down. Again, the good news is that Cobb could provide draft day value next year.

TE - Jimmy Graham (TE17 - 3).

We wanted to avoid injured players, but Graham was bad before the injury. The Seahawks never quite figured out what to do with him, and the offense got measurably better after Graham was gone. He's still Jimmy Graham - a rich man's Jordan Reed - but, until something changes, he'll be on someone else's fantasy team.


Peyton Manning (Den - QB) was one of the 2015 Fantasy Football LVPs.

LVP -  Peyton Manning (QB33 - 2).

No one loves Payton Manning more than TJ, so this pained him to admit, and the injury thing, too, was an issue, but he was brutal before the injury. It might be time for Peyton to hang 'em up.

QB - Matt Ryan (QB19 - 6).

If you drafted Matt Ryan, it was for his consistency. He seemed to have a higher floor than most QBs. As a sixth round pick, he didn't kill you, but this is not what you drafted Matt Ryan for, especially since his go-to guy is Julio Jones.

RB - DeMarco Murray (RB18 - 1).

It's hard to argue with Murray. No one expected he would be the No. 1 Running Back again, but no one expected this.

WR - T.Y. Hilton (WR21 - 3).

He certainly did not live up to expectations, and an injured star quarterback didn't help.

TE - Martellus Bennett (TE25 - 6).

Martellus Bennett pulled a "Martellus Bennett" - hot start, frigid finish. Why anyone ever gets sucked into believing in Bennett, I'll never know. Keep it up, though, and leave the other tight ends for the rest of us.

There were plenty of "busts" to choose from, including most of the first and second rounds. With so many, however, the playing field was leveled, allowing the cream to rise to the top. That is why it is vital that you stay active on the waiver wire, keep up with injuries and depth charts, and know where to find value in the draft.

And you can do all of that with the Fantasy News Hour. Check back frequently during the off-season to stay current with all of the latest fantasy news, and use our draft kit to help you dominate your draft.

  • *Round Drafted is based on ESPN Live Draft Results ADP (Average Draft Position).


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