Yesterday, we published our 2015 Fantasy Football Year-in-Review - The Perfect Draft, which we discussed on last week's radio show. During the same show, we also named our 2015 fantasy football Most Valuable Players (MVPs) and Least Valuable Players (LVPs). We chose an overall MVP and LVP, and then we chose positional MVPs and LVPs excluding the overall MVPs and LVPs.

To read our list of LVPs, check out our 2015 Fantasy Football Year-in-Review - LVPs column.

Disclaimer: I chose first, and TJ, being TJ, felt like he shouldn't agree with my selections, so he didn't. That is among the many reasons his list is different and, quite frankly, not as good as mine.

Here they are, our 2015 Fantasy Football MVPs:


Pos. - Name (Pos. Rank - Round Drafted*).

Cam Newton (QB - Carolina Panthers) is one of our choices for 2015 Fantasy Football MVP.

MVP - Cam Newton (QB1 - 7).

It's low hanging fruit, I know, to choose Cam as the MVP, but it would be dishonest to name anyone else. It would be being contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian, and I can't do that. I'll leave that to TJ. Cam was drafted in the seventh round and finished as the No. 1 Quarterback in fantasy, and it wasn't that close. He finished with 373** fantasy points - 38 points ahead of Tom Brady. That is 2.375 points per game on average, and Brady was on a tear at the beginning of the season, remember? It's Cam, and it's not close.

Carson Palmer (QB - Arizona Cardinals) is one of our choices for 2015 Fantasy Football Quarterback MVP.

QB - Carson Palmer (QB5 - 12).

As I wrote yesterday, Palmer was one of our best calls of the year. We told everyone who would listen to wait on quarterback and draft Palmer. We did in our FNH-KTLT 98.1 The Ticket show league, and it worked out well for us. If you did, it worked out well for you, too. To further demonstrate why Cam is the MVP, the difference between Palmer at QB5 and Brady at QB2 is 35 points, or fewer than the number of points between Cam and Brady. Palmer in round twelve was one of the steals of the draft.

RB - Devonta Freeman (RB1 - 11).

Again, no doubt about this one, in my mind. Freeman was drafted as the handcuff to Tevin Coleman in the eleventh round and finished as the No. 1 Running Back. What else is there to say?

WR - Allen Robinson (WR4 - 8).

Robinson was one of TJ's better calls of the year, so, by selecting Robinson, I'm inadvertently giving him props. Robinson finished as the No. 4 Wide Receiver behind only Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and (one of my best calls of the year, and TJ's choice for WR MVP) Brandon Marshall. Good company, indeed!

TE - Jordan Reed (TE2 - 13).

My own personal best call at the start of the season. The only question with Reed is his health, and, when healthy, he's a monster. His ADP next year is going to be through the roof.


MVP - Antonio Brown (WR1 - 1).

It's hard to argue with Brown, but his ADP was in the first round, so value is the only argument against Brown. TJ also gave a legitimate case for drafting Brown No. 1 overall next year. I don't think I could do it, but it's worth consideration.

Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Blake Bortles is one of our picks for 2015 Fantasy Football QB MVP.

QB - Blake Bortles (QB4 - Undrafted).

Again, it's hard to argue with an undrafted guy finishing as the No. 4 Quarterback. Palmer was my own personal preference, and, as great a value as he was, Bortles is actually a better value.

RB - David Johnson (RB7 - 15).

Johnson undoubtedly provided excellent value as a 15th Round pick, and he was one of TJ's better calls of the year, but, come on, it's Freeman. Now, admittedly, next year I would probably rather draft Johnson than Freeman.

WR - Brandon Marshall (WR3 - 5).

We are basically congratulating each other at the wide receiver position. TJ's call of Robinson, though, provided better value, which is why I chose Robinson. TJ wanted no part of Marshall at the beginning of the season because he went to the Jets, but I'm glad, at least, he's finally coming to his senses, even if he's still wrong in doing so.

TE - Tyler Eifert (TE6 - 9).

Eifert was one of TJ's better calls of the season, and there's no doubt he could have finished as high as the No. 3 Tight End if he had stayed healthy. The biggest problem with guys like Reed and Eifert is going to be their price tag next year.

2015 was certainly a year where you could find value late in the draft. It was also a year where top-end talent went down early and often. Over half of the first round was a bust, either because of injury (Bell, Charles, Lynch, and Forte) or poor play (Lacy, Murray, and C.J. Anderson). 2015 is the perfect example of the importance of the mid to late rounds, and why you shouldn't coast through the tail end of your draft. 

There's an old fantasy adage, "You can't win your league in the first round, but you can lose it." Equally true is that, "You win your league in the late rounds." Here's to next year!


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