Use the Fantasy News Hour's Saturday-Sunday Stack to help set your FanDuel lineups.

Use the Fantasy News Hour's Saturday-Sunday Stack to help set your FanDuel lineups.

The Sunday Stack is typically published on Sunday mornings to help you with setting your FanDuel lineups. However, because this is the NFL Divisional Round of the playoffs, and the slate of games is on Saturday and Sunday, here is the Saturday-Sunday Stack.

In daily fantasy sports (DFS), a  "stack" is where you play multiple players from the same team to try and capitalize on scoring opportunities. For example, in football, it is playing a QB-WR or QB-TE from the same team.

In the Stack column, you will find a cash-game stack. Cash-games are 50/50's, double-ups, and other contests a low number of contestants and/or with high winning percentages. There is also a GPP (guaranteed prize pool) or tournament stack. Tournaments have large numbers of players and large payouts, but the odds of winning are much smaller.

Cash-game stacks are typically more conservative and more expensive because they involve players with higher ownership percentages and there is less risk involved in the contest. The tournament stack is usually less expensive but much riskier as the odds of winning are so much smaller. Also, using players with lower ownership percentages is much more important in tournaments.

If you played last week's cash-game stacks, you were probably happy - the tournament stacks, not so much. Heath Miller had torched the Bengals in the two previous matchups, but did almost nothing last week.

As always, the values listed are the current FanDuel values.


Options are limited again this week because of the small playoff slate of game. There are some enticing options given this week's values, such as Aaron Rodgers as the fifth most expensive quarterback. I am playing Rodgers in a few lineups, but good luck trying to figure out which of the Packers to stack with Rodgers. You might consider playing Rodgers without stacking any other Packers. Rarely will I ever spend up for the most expensive quarterbacks, but this is probably the week to do so in cash games. There is less financial pressure at the other spots because of the limited player pool, so you can pull it off this week. Carson Palmer was a value play for the first half of the season, but he's the most expensive quarterback this weekend. Justifiably so. Cam Newton is the second most expensive, and he's another quarterback you could play without stacking; but I also like Greg Olsen this week. Therefore:

  • QB - Carson Palmer (Ari - $8,900). Expensive, but consistent with plenty of weapons.
  • WR - Michael Floyd (Ari - $6,500). On fire lately, and the cheapest of the three AZ WRs.


  • QB - Cam Newton (Car - $8,700). A great bet for a rushing TD.
  • TE - Greg Olsen (Car - $6,500). Gronk is gimpy, so Olsen may be the best TE going.


Again, given everyone's price point, there are enticing options in tournaments also. Alex Smith at $7,200. He could rush for 50 yards. Big Ben at $8,100. He's dinged up, and as of this writing there is no definitive word on whether Antonio Brown is going to be active, and he's playing the No. 1 defense in fantasy. However, all of that should conspire to keep his ownership percentage low enough to make him worth a gamble. He is a fierce competitor after all. You could also roll out Rodgers and gamble on him connecting with Jared Abbrederis, which I am doing in at least one tournament lineup.

A few weeks ago, it would have been hard to imagine Tom Brady as a tournament play. His early numbers and consistency made him the epitome of the cash-game QB. However, all of Brady's pass catchers are gimpy, and he's been un-Bradylike, so his ownership should be lower than normal. Finally, and somewhat nostalgically, Peyton Manning is starting, and he is matched up against the worst defense remaining in the playoffs. His ownership percentage should be low, too, but he could throw 40 times.

  • QB - Tom Brady (NE - $8,600). Everyone else is hurt, and Brady will carry the team.
  • TE - Rob Gronkowski (NE - $8,300). Expensive, gimpy, and still the best bet for a TD.


  • QB - Peyton Manning (Den - $7,000). Dirt cheap for one of the best ever.
  • WR - Demaryius Thomas (Den - $8,100). His ownership % will be sky high, but still.

As always, may your FanDuel accounts be filled.


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