Use the Sunday Stack to build your FanDuel fantasy football lineups.

Use the Sunday Stack to build your FanDuel fantasy football lineups.

This is the final Sunday Stack of this football season. After this weekend, there are no more FanDuel NFL contests until next season. The Sunday Stack is designed to help you setting your FanDuel lineups.

A  "stack" is where you play multiple players from the same team to try and capitalize on scoring opportunities. For example, in football, playing a QB-WR or QB-TE from the same team.

There is a cash-game stack - cash-games are 50/50's, double-ups, and other contests with a low number of contestants and/or with high winning percentages. There is also a GPP (guaranteed prize pool) or tournament stack. Tournaments have large numbers of players and large payouts, but the odds of winning are much smaller.

Cash-game stacks are typically more conservative and more expensive because they involve players with higher ownership percentages and there is less risk involved in the contest. The tournament stack is usually less expensive but much riskier as the odds of winning are so much smaller. Also, using players with lower ownership percentages is much more important in tournaments.

In last week's Saturday-Sunday Stack, I was three for four.  Both cash-game stacks hit, and one of two of the tournament stacks did. Unfortunately, the gamble on Peyton Manning did not pay off. As always, the values listed are the current FanDuel values.


Options are extremely limited again this week because of the two-game slate, so finding the right quarterback is essential. I'm expecting a bounce back from Cam Newton this week, but, as usual, figuring out who to stack him with is the problem. The obvious Cam stack is Greg Olsen, so if you're playing Cam, stack Olsen. The only real hesitation with Cam is his production last week in a blowout. Carson Palmer is also the value play as TJ talked about on this week's radio program. The problem with Palmer is his three weapons. It's not a problem for him, but figuring out the correct receiver to stack is a problem. Last week I said to stack Floyd, which worked out well, but Fitzgerald would have been better. Fortunately, Fitzgerald was my pivot for tourneys last week.

Therefore, Tom Brady is my play. The Brady-Gronk stack last week was money as my tournament stack, but Rob Gronkowski is the most expensive player on the board at $8,900. It's going to be difficult to pair the two and still afford to fill your cash-game roster. I'd still use Brady-Gronk in tourneys, but to make it work financially, this is the play:

  • QB - Tom Brady (NE - $8,100). He's got the highest floor of the four.
  • WR - Julian Edelman (NE - $7,800). He's a target monster and PPR machine.


I'm really wishing I had played Jeff Janis last week in tournaments, but I wasn't among the .2% of those who did. I do think playing Cam as a naked QB makes sense with his price point ($8,500) as the most expensive quarterback, or you could stack Olsen as I mentioned above. I don't know how you fade Gronk in tournaments this week, though. My Manning play last week was disappointing, but, given his numbers last week, he's still the most sure way to differentiate yourself from the field. I'm still playing Demaryius Thomas in cash games, but the Patriots are so good at taking away the opposing team's best option. For the Bronco's that's Thomas, so:

  • QB - Peyton Manning (Den - $6,700). Dirt cheap, and he's still Peyton Manning.
  • WR - Emmanuel Sanders (Den - $7,400). The best pivot option off of Thomas.

As always, may your FanDuel accounts be filled.


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