Use the Saturday-Sunday Stacks to help set your FanDuel lineups this NFL Wild Card weekend.

Use the Saturday-Sunday Stacks to help set your FanDuel lineups this NFL Wild Card weekend.

The Sunday Stack, typically published on Sunday mornings, is designed to help you with setting your FanDuel lineups. However, since the slate of games on this NFL Wild Card weekend is a Saturday-Sunday slate, here is the Saturday-Sunday Stack.

In daily fantasy sports (DFS) terms, a  "stack" is playing multiple players from the same NFL team to try and capitalize on scoring opportunities. For example, playing a QB-WR or QB-TE from the same team to tally ten points per touchdown rather than four or six.

Below, you will find a cash-game stack - cash-games are 50/50's, double-ups, and other contests with high winning percentages - and a GPP (guaranteed prize pool) or tournament stack. Tournaments have large numbers of players and large payouts, but the odds of winning are much smaller.

Cash-game stacks are typically more conservative and more expensive because they involve players with higher ownership percentages and there is less risk involved in the contest. The tournament stack is usually less expensive but much riskier as the odds of winning are so much smaller. Also, using players with lower ownership percentages is much more important in tournaments. All values listed are the current FanDuel values.

Cash-Game Stack:

In the playoffs, obviously, options are limited, so there is very little margin for error. Additionally, because the options are limited, you, nevertheless, must be a little contrarian to differentiate your lineup from others. If you've looked at lineup and scoring projections, you've probably noticed that Russell Wilson is projected to be in optimal lineups. Also, most of the projections I've seen show that Aaron Rodgers is projected to score the most fantasy points. Of course, neither is surprising. Wilson has been hot, and Rodgers is, well, Rodgers. The weather outside is frightful (in Minnesota where the windchill is supposed to be in the -20 degree range), so I'm not playing Wilson. The two highest over-under's for the week are the Packers at Redskins and the Steelers at Bengals. Therefore, you can be slightly contrarian playing Cousins over Rodgers, and you can capitalize on the projected point totals by playing Big Ben.

  • QB - Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - $8,400). Expensive, but steady.
  • WR - Antonio Brown (Pit - $9,500). Ditto


  • QB - Kirk Cousins (Was - $8,000). Great as of late.
  • TE - Jordan Reed (Was - $7,400). Ditto.

Tournament Stack:

Again, options are limited, and playoff teams are playoff teams for a reason, so finding that cheap quarterback who puts up 30 fantasy points is difficult. The obvious plays are Brian Hoyer and Alex Smith. I suppose Teddy Bridgewater and AJ McCarron are technically the most obvious as they are likely to have the lowest ownership percentages; but see the weather in Minnesota above, and the Steelers defense has been good lately. However, as I've written before, in the right matchup and under the right circumstances, you can make a pivot play and exploit the same game and quarterback for both cash-games and tournaments. Heath Miller has had exactly ten receptions in each of the last two games against the Bengals. Ding, ding, ding! And, if the Packers-Redskins games plays out according to the oddsmakers, Cousins should throw for multiple touchdowns. Here's hoping one of them goes to DeSean Jackson for 60 yards.

  • QB - Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - $8,400). He should be money.
  • TE - Heath Miller (Pit - $5,600). You save $1,800 vs. Reed.


  • QB - Kirk Cousins (Was - $8,000). As hot as anyone right now.
  • WR - DeSean Jackson (Was - $7,000). The ultimate tourney play.

As always, may your FanDuel accounts be filled.


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