Use the weekly DraftKings Discounts column to help fill out your DraftKings lineups.

The DraftKings Discounts column has been on a two-week hiatus, but it's back in time for NFL week 7, the midway point for most season-long fantasy football leagues. Obviously, it's not if you're playing NFL in daily fantasy sports.

The only two teams on a bye this week are the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers. That means Dak Prescott and Cole Beasley, who have been staples of this column all season, are off this week. However, their salaries have steadily risen, so I'm not sure how much longer they will remain true discounts.

As I've mentioned before, as the season progresses, good discounts are harder to come by, but here are a few to help you fill your DraftKings lineups this week.


There is a nicely-priced stair-step of quarterbacks from $6.5k down to $5.9k. Philip Rivers, in a sweet matchup at Atlanta, is priced at $6500. Matthew Stafford at home vs. the Redskins is underpriced (IMHO) at $6400. Derek Carr is only $6300 at Jacksonville, where Blake Bortles is priced at $6200. All of those are good plays and solid cash-game considerations. However, the cheaper three are:

  • Alex Smith (KC) - $6100. The Saints defense in KC. It doesn't get much better than that.
  • Andy Dalton (Cin) - $6000. Unless it's the Browns defense in Cincinnati.
  • Kirk Cousins (Was) $5900. Or the Lions defense anywhere.

Running Backs:

Jacquizz Rodgers has one of the nicest price-matchup combinations, but his ownership percentage should be higher after last week's 20+ point performance. Ditto for Matt Jones and Jay Ajayi, who are also priced relatively cheaply. If you want something a little contrarian, try the Browns-Bengals matchup.

  • Isaiah Crowell (Cle) - $4000. He's no Ezekiel Elliott, and the O-line is no Cowboys' line, but the price is right.
  • Duke Johnson (Cle) - $3900. If you think it will be a blowout, play Duke for the junk-time receptions.
  • Jeremy Hill (Cin) - $4000. He's about due for a Jeremy Hill 3-touchdown game, and who better than the Browns to accommodate?

Wide Receivers:

Where to begin? Receivers are easiest to find because there are plenty of them, but they're also harder to predict with any level of accuracy in the lower price ranges. I'll keep it simple. Let's go with the cheap guys who absolutely went off last week. I hate chasing points, but these recent high scorers do have the potential to be more frequent high scorers considering the offenses in which they play. I wouldn't play a single one of these in cash games, but they have helped win a few tournaments recently.

  • Golden Tate (Det) - $4900. He was supposed to be the next Megatron instead of Marvitron.
  • Kendall Wright (Ten) - $3700. Talk about a resurrection from the dead.
  • Adam Thielen (Min) - $3700. Stefon who?

Tight Ends:

This is probably a good week to pay up for Kelce or Walker, who both have juicy matchups. If you can't, give these a go:

  • Hunter Henry (SD) - $3600. This kid is for real.
  • Gary Barnidge (Cle) - $3200. If the Browns are in catch-mode, watch out.
  • Jesse James (Pit) - $3100. New QB could spell bust, could also possibly spell boom.

Defenses (DSTs):

Defensive bargains are harder to come by, and their variance is ridiculous, so I would recommend paying up for the Bills or Bengals. However, if you need to save a few bucks, there are a few mid-level defenses to look at.

  • Patriots (NE) $2900. They're consistent, and the Steelers have a new quarterback.
  • Ravens (Bal) $2800. At the Geno Smith-led Jets.
  • Chiefs (KC) $2600. The Saints. Outdoors. In Arrowhead.

Discounts are discounts for a reason. They're not always good plays, but a decent tournament lineup could be made up of any combination of guys on this list this week. For example a Dalton-Barnidge-Johnson game stack, or a Cousins-Tate-etc. game stack. I'm not necessarily advocating that you do it, but I wouldn't be too critical of it either.

As always, may your DFS lineups be profitable.


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