It’s hard to say anyone is more crush-worthy than Rougned Odor.

I think anyone that has watched a sports show or listened to a sports talk show knows what happened Sunday afternoon. Jose Bautista, while great, is something of a primadonna. He slid into second late in an attempt to take out Odor. As it turned out, Odor took out Bautista instead with a right hook. Odor 1, Bautista 0. To be continued

Now to the guys that performed with their bat and not with their fists.

Yadier Molina (StL).

Yadi doesn’t meet the normal parameters for this column. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any other catcher that I truly am crushing on that had a week like Yadi: 10/22, 4 runs, RBI and 2Bs, with only 2 Ks. That’s a heck of a week for someone people thought was done as an offensive player. He’s over 85% owned, so there really isn’t much more to say. Way to show people you’re not done Yadi.

Steve Pearce (TB).

Pearce isn’t a great fantasy option at 1B. Yes, I know that’s where I have him listed, but Pearce is going to get 2B eligibility before too long (if he doesn’t already have it in your league). He’s a better option there when he’s getting consistent at-bats. Pearce had one of those hot streaks this past week also. 2 HR and 4 RBI will look even better when he does get that 2B eligibility, so keep an eye out for that.

Jonathan Schoop (Bal).

Schoop is a player I was touting this offseason as a great power source for the position. He’s showing his pop. With 7 HR so far, he's pretty much a lock for 20+ if he stays healthy. This past week, he hit 2 HR and had 10 RBI. If that wasn’t enough, he also had a triple. Schoop should be added in all roto leagues with any depth at all.

Danny Valencia (Oak).

Valencia is yet another player with multiple position eligibility on this list. You’re probably playing him at 3B, but you could also play him in the OF. Valencia went crazy on Sunday and hit 3 HR, but he was having a good week before that with 2 HR already. Not a bad way to come off the DL. He’s a lefty killer and is getting consistent playing time. He was pretty dang good to finish the end of the 2015 season. He’s a player I have a lot of shares of, and I plan on keeping an eye on him in the leagues I don’t.

Ketel Marte (Sea).

I've also loved Marte for a while. He started off rough but has been hitting everything since then. This past week was no different with a HR, 3B, 2 2B, 6 RBI and 5 R. He should have been added in most leagues, but, if he’s not, and you need a SS, you don’t anymore.

Melvin "BJ" Upton, Jr. (SD).

An interesting thought: Melvin has been really good when not with Justin, his brother. He was great in TB, then signed with Atlanta. Justin was then traded to Atlanta, and Melvin was bad. Justin gets traded to SD, then Melvin gets traded to SD, Melvin is bad again. Justin signs with Detroit, Melvin stays with SD, and Melvin is having a resurgent season. Yes, it’s flawed logic, but it’s fun to think about. The past week Melvin had 3 bombs, a steal, and a couple of doubles. He should be added in roto leagues, especially when needing more than 3 OF positions.

Trevor Bauer (Cle).

Bauer was one of the most impressive pitchers I watched in Arizona this spring. He was promptly sent to the bullpen out of spring training. He’s back in the rotation, and let us hope he figured something out. A couple of quality starts, over a K/9 over the past week, equals fantasy goodness. If you need Ks, he’s there in most leagues and should be good while he’s in the rotation.

Jake McGee (Col).

McGee is another player I was hyping in draft season. Last week, he had 4 saves and should be added in all leagues. Yes, he’s in Colorado, but it shouldn’t matter that much. Add him.

Go into this week knowing, at least, that you didn’t get clocked on national television!


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