Miami Marlins Catcher J.T. Realmuto is one of TJ's fantasy baseball man crushes for the first week of May, 2016.

I realize that NFL is king, and at some point, I will get to writing about the NFL Draft. I love football as much as the next guy (maybe even a little more than some), but there were no games this weekend, just guys getting picked that are going to bust at an alarming 50% rate.

Baseball was put on the backburner for the NFL draft, but don't tell that to the players. It was still a great weekend of baseball. The Nicks and I were able to discuss how awesome Giancarlo Stanton really is. The scary thing is, his hard hit rate is only 28%; that's about 13% less than his career rate. He's never had a hard hit rate under 38% either. That means that there is only one way to go for Stanton, over the fence. Stanton's BABIP is at .283 for the 2016 season. His career average is .326. That's not to say that his batting average is going to jump a straight 40 points, but it could regress back to the mean, and a .253 BA should be closer to .275. If there is any way to buy low(ish) on a player with 8 HR, 20 RBI with his name, do it now.

Now to the Man Crushes.

J.T. Realmuto (C, Mia).

I was singing the praises of Realmuto to anyone and everyone who would listen. With Russell Martin struggling, Travis d'Arnaud and Devin Mesoraco on the DL, Realmuto is a real threat to sneak into the top 5. This past week, he hit a homerun, 2 doubles, 3 RBI, and 4 had 4 runs. The nice thing about Realmuto is that he also runs a little. He didn't this past week, but don't be surprised when he takes off.

Wil Myers (1B, SD).

Myers is a player that I loved at the beginning of the season. I could see him having the season he should have had last year before the injury. He has been pretty dang good so far. He pulled the power/speed combo last week. A homer, stolen base, 2 doubles, 4 ribs, and 5 runs. Hitting at the top of the lineup will lead to some decent numbers. He's the perfect OF/CI, but hasn't made the jump to a starting 1B just yet. He should be owned regardless of league type.

Brett Lawrie (2B, CWS).

I like power/speed combo players. Lawrie obliged me last week: 3 HR, 1 SB, and 2 doubles. Lawrie has all the talent in the world. We, as fantasy owners have to hope that he can put it all together in Chicago. If he does, he's a high-end 2B with 3B eligibility. Until then, he's the hot hand, play him accordingly.

Brandon Drury (3B, Arz).

I couldn't go a week without a Diamondback on the list. He made it easy for me also - 4 HR and a double are nice stat lines for a week. Drury is a part-time player who has been playing a lot more since Brito went down. Keep an eye out for the power-hitting young man with both 3B and OF eligibility.

Jonathan Villar (SS, Mil).

Villar was one of the Astros prospects that were supposed to turn the franchise around. Their record for 2016 notwithstanding, the Astros have a good core, and they used Villar as a trade piece to get Carlos Gomez. Villar has a chance to play every day in Milwaukee until Orlando Arcia is called up. Last week is a good indication of what he needs to do to keep that inevitability from happening too soon. He's had 4 doubles and, better yet, 5 stolen bases over the past 7 days. There's nothing at all wrong with that. If you need speed, (Dee Gordon owners), Villar could be the guy that gives you some of those speed numbers.

Khris Davis (OF, Oak).

Hitting for the cycle is a very impressive feat. Davis did just that. No, not in a game, but he did it over the past week with 3HR, 2B, and a 3B. Everyone knew Davis had good power, and he's streaky and he's hitting. Add him now, but don't get attached when he slumps

A.J. Griffin (SP, Tex).

A fly ball pitcher kept the Toronto Blue Jays at bay. In Toronto. Yeah, so, the Jays haven't been the ball crushers they were last year, yet, but that's still very impressive for a player that doesn't miss a ton of bats. In the last 2 games, Griffin has thrown 14 innings with 14 strikeouts, 2 ERs, and 3 walks. His 4.6 K/BB ratio is a good indicator of success. He's still a streamer for me, but I have my eye on him a little closer now

Jeanmar Gomez (RP, Phi).

He had 4 saves last week. If you need saves, add him. He's not elite, but he's getting elite save numbers. I don't want to have to write about him again next week. Add him.

Now that all the football buzz is over, let's all enjoy America's pastime.


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