Jamaal Charles (RB-KC) should be healthy for the 2016 fantasy football season and should provide value in the second or third round.

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed by one the most fun coaches in the NFL. Andy Reid is fun for offenses, loved by everyone, and fun to poke fun at. Oh, he also has a good team to coach.

When searching for a core of a team, not many other teams have 4 easier selections than the Chiefs. Smith, Charles, Maclin, and Kelce are easily the four most relevant fantasy players on the team. With the exception of the potential handcuffs, they're the only 4 that'll be consistently drafted.

The Core

Alex Smith (QB) - 3500 yards, 22 TDs, 7 INTs, 400 yards, 2 TDs.

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Alex Smith is the epitome of blah. Well, that's what the fantasy community think anyway. Smith is a very solid QB2 in a 2 QB league and a very safe streamer in weeks without sexy options. Late in a draft, you can do worse.

Jamaal Charles (RB) - 1200 yards, 8 TDs, 45 catches, 480 yards, 2 TDs.

If you know me, you know I don't like to admit I'm wrong, but I'm going to be wrong about Jamaal Charles. He will not end with the numbers I've projected. He's either going to fall way short of these numbers, or he's going to be the Jamaal Charles we have gotten to know and these numbers will look like child's play. If you believe in Charles, he's being criminally under-drafted. If you don't believe in Charles, he's being criminally over-drafted. My opinion: draft Charles in the second and you won't be sorry.

Jeremy Maclin (WR) - 85 catches, 1100 yards, 8 TDs.

Maclin is a weird case. He's on a team that doesn't throw the ball downfield, and he still eclipsed 1000 yards with 8 touchdowns. I would expect nothing more from Maclin in 2016, nor would I expect anything less. He's a good, safe low-end WR2. If you draft a high-risk WR1, Maclin is a great pick.

Travis Kelce (TE-KC) is one of the few plug-and-play tight ends for the 2016 fantasy football season.

Travis Kelce (TE) - 75 catches, 900 yards, 5 TDs.

Kelce had a disappointing season for owners that expected him to be baby Gronk (present company included). Kelce is one of the few plug-and-play tight ends in 2016, and there's value in that. He needs to be picked up when the TE run starts.

He's not exciting but he is going to end with good numbers for a tight end.

Sleeper - Spencer Ware (RB).

With Charles' health concerns, one of the handcuff backs are going to be relevant this year. Ware is a bigger back and is a great change of pace to Charles. He's the guy I want because goal line carries and a different style than Charles is appealing in this offense.

Bust - Charcandrick West (RB).

Charcandrick West (RB-KC) has a similar skill set to Jamaal Charles (RB-KC) and will not see the playing time in 2016 fantasy football owners would like to see unless Charles is hurt.

I'm of the belief that Charles is going to be healthy this season, and West is the closest in skill set to Charles. Most of the time, that's a great thing. In this case, that's a lot of the same player on the field.

West is going to be relevant if Charles goes down but won't be until then.

The Chiefs have to figure out their pass rush on defense, but, if they do, they'll be a contender again this season. Draft Chiefs for consistency or Charles for the home run.


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