Ryan Tannehill (QB-Mia) has been hyped a lot over the last couple of years, but the 2016 fantasy football season could be when Tannehill finally lives up to the hype.

Every year, the Dolphins are supposed to be the next best thing. So, in keeping with tradition, the Dolphins offense has a chance to be the next best thing. They have two capable running backs, a fun receiving group, and a former Pro Bowl tight end. Add a mobile quarterback and a Head Coach known for making the QB position great, and what could go wrong?

Adam Gase is now the Head Coach in Miami. As a Lions fan, I was hoping that he would find his way to Detroit, but that didn't happen. Gase was credited for Jay Cutler's success last season, and Peyton Manning gave Gase a lot of credit for his record-breaking season. Gase is going to do great things for this offense, especially Ryan Tannehill.

The Core

Ryan Tannehill (QB) - 4000 yards, 24 TDs, 10 INTs, 200 rushing, 1 TD.

Tannehill has been hyped that last couple of years, so this is the same verse type of deal. Tannehill now has Gase with him, which should mean good things in 2016. Tannehill will get you a few sneaky rushing yards to go along with his passing numbers. His ADP is 147, which means he's basically free. He's a great guy to pair with another QB1/Streamer type.

Jay Ajayi (RB) - 800 yards, 5 TDs, 20 catches, 200 yards.

Ajayi was thought to have the starting job at the start of the off-season. The first wave of free agents went, and the Dolphins didn't sign a running back. Then the draft came and went, and Kenyon Drake was drafted, a pass catching back. Ajayi looked to be in good shape going into OTAs. Unfortunately for Ajayi, the Dolphins didn't feel the same. Late in the process, Miami signed Arian Foster.

Ajayi has shown flashes, but has never been a full-time back, so the signing of Foster does make sense for that reason. I believe that Ajayi is the best fantasy option in Miami and doesn't need to be drafted as such. Ajayi is being drafted at 111, which for what will be a starting back is a steal. There's a lot of buzz for Foster, but that will dissipate when the season starts. Draft Ajayi after Foster goes, then talk mess to the Foster owner for the rest of the season.

Jarvis Landry (WR-Mia) is a PPR (point per reception) machine and is a high-floor receiver to take in your fantasy football draft.

Jarvis Landry (WR) - 100 catches, 1100 yards, 5 TDs.

Landry is a PPR machine. I heard a story this training camp that during practice Tannehill was told not to throw the ball to Landry anymore, and Landry got 17 targets after that. Landry is a great WR2 in PPR leagues and a good WR3 in standard leagues. His ADP is 65, which is a good spot to take him. Landry will give you a high floor, but his ceiling is lower than other receivers. He's one of the truly safe picks in the 6th round range.

DeVante Parker (WR) - 80 catches, 1100 yards, 8 TDs.

Parker is the opposite of Landry. Parker has all the upside in the world, but lacks a floor that's worth talking about. Parker is going two picks after Landry, which shows that there's different strokes for different folks. I take Parker often because Gase likes the big outside receiver (Demaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery), so I can see tremendous upside. Expect Tannehill to have a new favorite toy.

Sleeper - Kenny Stills (WR).

Stills is also an outside receiver, which Gase tends to lean on in his offense. Stills also has looked good this pre-season. He's a great late round flyer. He's basically free in drafts at this point.

Arian Foster (RB-Mia) carries plenty of fantasy football name recognition, but let others draft him in your 2016 draft.

Bust - Arian Foster (RB).

Let the buzz from Foster being on the field die down. Foster can't stay healthy and after an Achilles injury, I'm better against him being relevant again.

I will not be drafting Foster anywhere.

This time the Dolphins are going to turn the corner, we hope...


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