Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB-NYJ) is a low-end QB1 or streamer with the potential for a lot more in the 2016 fantasy football season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB-NYJ) is a low-end QB1 or streamer with the potential for a lot more in the 2016 fantasy football season.

The Jets surprised a lot of people last season with a double-digit win season. The offense was great for fantasy players. You knew both backs were going to be involved, and both receivers were going to score a touchdown. If not this week, then next week. Even Ryan Fitzpatrick was relevant on certain weeks for fantasy.

The Jets off-season was a very odd one. They decided to wait until the last possible moment to sign Fitzpatrick, they let Chris Ivory go elsewhere, they signed Matt Forte, Khiry Robinson, and re-signed Bilal Powell. For a coach that you would expect to want to run the ball, they didn't sign a banger. Instead, they signed guys that are proficient at catching the ball.

To me, it looks like they are going to throw the ball more than people might think, Brandon Marshall might have a chance to top Antonio Brown in yards. Here are the 2016 fantasy football projections for the New York Jets:

The Core

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) - 4000 yards, 30 TDs, 15 INTs, 180 yards, 1 TD.

Fitzpatrick is another streaming option that could turn into more. If the Jets do decide to throw the ball more, Fitzpatrick is the biggest beneficiary. He's going at the end of drafts, if he's drafted at all, so if you believe he can do what he did last season, draft him with your last pick.

Matt Forte (RB-NYJ) is a potential bust this 2016 fantasy football season.

Matt Forte (RB) - 800 yards, 4 TDs, 50 catches, 400 yards, 1 TD.

Forte is being drafted in the fourth round, which is entirely too high. Forte is a 30-year-old running back switching teams. Unless Forte falls dramatically, he won't be on any of my teams.

Brandon Marshall (WR-NYJ) and Eric Decker (WR-NYJ) are both safe, high-floor fantasy football receiver options in 2016

Brandon Marshall (WR) - 90 catches, 1200 yards, 10 TDs.

Marshall is one of the safest picks in the draft. You have to take him in the second round now, but that's worth it for security. Marshall should be on any team that wants consistency. His upside, especially long term is long past, but for re-drafts, that's not a problem.

Eric Decker (WR) - 80 catches, 1000 yards, 8 TDs.

We can't talk about high floor and low ceiling players without talking about Decker. His ADP (average draft position) is 57, which is a little rich for my blood. If you want safe, Decker is your guy. If you want upside, you need to look elsewhere.

Sleeper - Bilal Powell (RB).

He's Forte light, and younger. The team paid Forte and Powell roughly the same amount. Powell will be heavily involved. He's going late, if at all, in drafts. He's a great bargain.

Bust - Matt Forte (RB).

Forte is 30 and that doesn't usually bode well for RBs joining new teams. Forte is being drafted too high to be of any value. Take Powell later in the draft.

The Jets should be a fun team to watch in 2016.


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