Drew Brees (QB-NO) is a good DFS quarterback for week one of the 2016 NFL season.

In Thursday's DraftKings Discounts column, I provided three discounted quarterbacks (as well as other positions) for week one of the 2016 NFL fantasy football season. All three are stackable depending on whether you're playing tournaments or cash games.

For instance, Dak Prescott's (QB-Dal) ownership percentage is going to be sky high because of his $5000 price tag, but a Dak-Dez stack is a reasonable cash-game play. You can also afford to add Ezekiel Elliott (RB-Dal) if you are so inclined and another high-dollar receiver. Winston (QB-TB) and Griffin (QB-Cle) are probably better tournament stacks given their price tags and probable ownership percentages.

However, for my cash games this week, my money is on Drew Brees (QB-NO) and Big Ben (QB-Pit). The Saints-Raiders is going to be flooded with grinders money in cash games and justifiably so. Both defenses were atrocious against the pass last year, and both offenses were high-octane passing offenses. The only hesitation about this game is the ownership percentages, but, for cash games, it's hard to fade this game.

My other cash-game play is Ben Roethlisberger (QB-Pit). The Steelers-Redskins game is an under-the-radar, high Over/Under game - tied for the 3rd highest. But the games with higher O/U's feature Drew Brees v. Derek Carr (QB-Oak) and Andrew Luck (QB-Ind) v. Matthew Stafford (QB-Det), so Big Ben is a nice pivot off of Brees, Luck, Carr, and Stafford, all of whom are receiving a lot of DFS expert attention (lest you doubt, see -->).

Cash Game Stacks:

  • Drew Brees (QB-NO) - $8100;
  • Brandin Cooks (WR-NO) - $7700 or Willie Snead (WR-NO) - $4800; and/or
  • Mark Ingram (RB-NO) - $6600 or Coby Fleener (TE-NO) - $4900.

If you wanted an all-in game stack you could also go cheap at other positions and add:

  • Michael Crabtree (WR-Oak) - $5500; and/or
  • Latavius Murray (RB-Oak) - $5600.

Similarly, for the Steelers v. Redskins:

  • Ben Roethlisberger (QB-Pit) - $7800;
  • Antonio Brown (WR-Pit) - $9800; and/or
  • DeAngelo Williams (RB-Pit) - $7700 or Jesse James (TE-Pit) - 3400.

For the game stack, add:

  • Pierre Garcon (WR-Was) - $4400 or DeSean Jackson (WR-Was) - $6100; and/or
  • Jordan Reed (TE-Was) - $6600.

Tournament Stacks:

Same script flipped.

Kirk Cousins (QB-Was) is a solid DFS tournament quarterback against the Steelers in a high over/under game.

  • Kirk Cousins (QB-Was) - 7400; and
  • Pierre Garcon (WR-Was) - $4400 or DeSean Jackson (WR-Was) - $6100; and/or
  • Jordan Reed (TE-Was) - $6600.

If you want to play off of the Dak Prescott love, you can pivot to Eli Manning (QB-NYG) in the same game, who has one extremely reliable weapon in Odell Beckham, Jr. (WR-NYG). I expect Eli to have a low ownership percentage, and he has a nice price tag.

  • Eli Manning (QB-NYG) - $7500;
  • Odell Beckham, Jr. (WR-NYG) - $9400; and
  • Rashad Jennings (RB-NYG) $5400.

Best of luck for week one of the NFL and fantasy football season. If you're looking for bargains to fill out those DraftKings lineups, be sure to check out the DraftKings Discounts column every Thursday.

May your DFS lineups be profitable!


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