Joe Flacco (QB-Bal) is an excellent DraftKings cash-game and tournament play for NFL week 3.

If you're looking for DraftKings bargains for your DFS fantasy football lineups, check out the DraftKings Discounts column for NFL week 3. If you're looking for Quarterback-Receiver stacks to play this week, you're in the right place.

Typically, in this column, I write about a couple of cash-game and tournament stacks you can play in your DFS lineups. However, this week, I want to write about the same stack played with slight modifications for cash games and tournaments.

There are obvious plays this week: Matt Ryan & Julio Jones vs. Drew Brees & Brandin Cooks/Willie Snead; Matthew Stafford & Marvin Jones vs. Aaron Rodgers & Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb. It's hard to go wrong with any of those, but with all eyes on the glamour matchups, why not pivot to another high over/under game with quarterbacks who've had recent forgettable performances: Philip Rivers and the wounded Bolts vs. Andrew Luck and the depleted Colts. Both defenses are dreadful, and the receiving corps are MASH units, so there are bargains to be had.

I'm playing Luck in a variety of cash-game lineups, but I'm less confident in the pairings, so my preferred stacks are the various Rivers stacks.

Also, the rumors of a resurgent Jaguars defense were highly exaggerated, and Joe Flacco is due for a 300+ yard, 3 touchdown game. Bortles is also a decent option, but for the $400 savings, I'm flying high with Flacco.

And here is how you can turn confidence in certain quarterback plays into both cash-game and tournament victories. These are the Sunday Stacks for DraftKings lineups in NFL week 3:

Cash-Game Stacks:

  • Philip Rivers (QB-SD) - $6700. SD @ Ind is the second highest O/U of the week at 51 points; and
  • Travis Benjamin (WR-SD) $5200.  His price hasn't caught up to his value.


  • Joe Flacco (QB-Bal) - $6100. Tied for the fourth highest O/U, but the least sexy matchup of all; and
  • Dennis Pitta (TE-Bal) - $3400. This stack leaves a lot of Benjamins for some of the other Benjamins.

Tournament Stacks:

  • Philip Rivers (QB-SD) - $6700. Might as well be all-in; and
  • Travis Benjamin (WR-SD) - $5200. He's still dirt cheap for a No. 1 receiver; and/or
  • Tyrell Williams (WR-SD) - $4300 or Hunter Henry (TE-SD) - $2500. ***If Gates is out.


  • Joe Flacco (QB-Bal) - $6100. He's due, and I'm all-in; and
  • Mike Wallace (WR-Bal) - $5000. He's quietly averaging 20 fantasy points per game; and
  • Dennis Pitta (TE-Bal) - $3400. He's Flacco's safety blanket again.

As I mentioned, there are plenty of great quarterback options this week. Feel free to fly solo with many of them. These stacks, however, should be productive and they're cheap. In DFS, that's a nice combo.


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