The Fantasy News Hour 2017 MLB team fandom is now for sale.

The Fantasy News Hour 2017 Major League Baseball team fandom is now on sale. Bid, win, and pick which MLB team we root for in 2017.

Contest Rules:

1. The winning bidder will have the right to determine the official 2017 Fantasy News Hour MLB team fandom.

2. The term of the fandom shall be for the 2017 MLB regular season only, and for so long as that team shall remain in the playoffs.

3. All bids must be submitted through the Fantasy News Hour Facebook page by February 15, 2017, at 5:00 p.m.

4. All consideration or "bids" must be in negotiable legal tender of the United States of America (Canadian currency will also be considered for bids involving the fandom of the Toronto Blue Jays); gold, silver or other precious metals; officially licensed team caps and gear; other items of value; or tacos (other food items will also be considered).

5. All consideration shall be paid, exchanged, submitted, cooked, or otherwise transferred to an official representative of the Fantasy News Hour prior to the commencement of the fandom, and the fandom shall begin immediately upon such payment, exchange, submission, feeding, or transfer.

6. The winning fandom shall be entitled to regular team and player updates, full fan support, regular shoutouts, and the Fantasy News Hour's rooting interest on air and on the Fantasy News Hour's social media channels.

7. The winning bid shall be determined exclusively by Peter Lopez and TJ Wilson and announced on a future episode of the Fantasy News Hour.


1. The fandoms of the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves are not eligible as Peter is a fan of the Rangers and TJ is a fan of the Braves.

2. The official team fandom of the Fantasy News Hour shall not supercede the individual fandoms of Peter Lopez and TJ Wilson, individually, and shall at all times be subservient to said fandoms if and when such teams play against one another.

3. This offer shall be null and void if, at the sole discretion and in the opinion of Peter Lopez and/or TJ Wilson, consideration which consists of food items is not to their liking, causes food poisoning, or does not contain cheese.


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