Zimmer is now patrolling CF in Cleveland

Zimmer is now patrolling CF in Cleveland

Cleveland should be the best team in the AL, but they don’t even have the best record in the AL Central. The Twins made a move last weekend bringing up starting pitching stud, Jose Berrios, and now the Indians are bringing up their top prospect, Bradley Zimmer.

Why you should add Bradley Zimmer:

The Rankings:

  • Baseball America: 54
  • Keith Law: Just outside the top 100
  • Baseball Prospectus: 80
  • MLB Pipeline: 19

Not a lot of consensus among rankers, but for fantasy purposes, he has hit in the minors, and that’s ultimately all we care about. His scouting grades show a player that could be a power/speed asset.

  • Hit: 20/55
  • GamePower: 20/50
  • RawPower: 50/55
  • Speed: 60/55
  • Future Value: 50

The Numbers:

  • .294/.371/.532, 5 HR, 9 S, .902 OPS in 144 PA in AAA (Columbus)
  • wRC+: 153
  • wOBA: .395
  • Since May 1: .326/.442/.558, 183 wRC+ and a 1.000 OPS

Zimmer has shown a little power and a lot of speed in the minors. He hit a HR around every 30 PAs and a steal in around every 17 PAs. He topped out at 14 HR and 33 steals in 2016 in 407 PAs in AA last season. His walk rate is at 9.7% which is a good number but his 29.9% K rate is pretty high for a minor league bat.

The Analysis:

Zimmer should be up for good in 2017, and should give you 10+ HRs and 20+ steals. Expect somewhere in the .260 range for average to start out with, but with the power and speed numbers, he’s a must add in all leagues. Zimmer in the Cleveland offense, even hitting at the bottom to start, will help with his runs scored and RBI opportunities. Get excited.


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