The Twins have been one of the early season surprises, leading the AL Central. They have a fun lineup that can score runs in a hurry. To begin the season, I thought this team could be in the hunt for one of the wild card spots. They have started to believe that also. They brought up their best prospect, Jose Berrios, and we all should be excited about him in the fantasy community, even if he struggled in 2016.

Berrios was called up for the Twins and spun a gem

Berrios was called up for the Twins and spun a gem

Berrios was terrible in 2016, posting numbers that made him beyond un-ownable. He started in AAA this season and owned it. At the time he came up, he had a 1.13 ERA, .81 WHIP, and a 2.58 FIP. It is the minors, but sometimes going down, after failing in the Majors, can be a good thing (see: Trout, Mike).

Berrios has been very good at HR prevention, under .75/9 in all years in the minors. That’s an impressive feat, being that Berrios is a fly ball pitcher. What that says to me is that he has been good at preventing hard contact. He was around a strikeout per inning in the minors, which roughly translates to 7.5 to 8 k/9 in the majors, so he won’t be an elite strikeout guy, but will be good enough. His FIP has been under 3 the last couple of years, which doesn’t count in fantasy, but does show true talent. Berrios isn’t going to walk anyone either. He’s posted under a 2BB/9 for this season, and has seemed to find his control.

His scouting profile is exciting as well. He has a plus fastball and curveball, an average to plus slider and change up, and average command. What that means is that he won’t be a slave to one pitch. Expect him to be effective multiple times through a lineup.

All that to say, pick up Jose Berrios in all leagues, if nothing else, you might catch lightning in a bottle.


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