Ian Happ has been hitting himself into the Cubs lineup

Ian Happ has been hitting himself into the Cubs lineup

The Cubs won the World Series in 2016 (just in case you were in a coma). It seems that the WS hangover is still around this club. One of the ways to try to combat that is to get players that weren’t there for it. They did sign a few players outside of the organization, but the Cubs are stacked in MiLB, and have called up one of their prized prospects, Ian Happ.

Who is Ian Happ?

The Ranks

  • Baseball America: 63
  • Baseball Prospectus: 54
  • MLB Pipeline: 28
  • Keith Law: 63

Scouting Grades

  • Hit: 40/55
  • Game Power: 40/55
  • Raw Power: 55
  • Speed: 55
  • Future Value:55

He is in the top 63 of prospects among the top rankers. Happ is going to hit, hit for power, and could run as well.

The Numbers

  • .298/.362/.615, 9 HR, 2 SB, .977 OPS in 116 PA in AAA (Iowa)
  • wRC+: 148
  • wOBA: .411

Happ was crushing AAA. He did have a higher K rate than you would probably want in a batter in AAA (23.3%). He did walk at a good enough rate though (9.5%), so he looks to be another one of the new age hitters, go big, go home or walk to first. Happ is a pull hitter with a 38.7% fly ball rate. Happ had a ridiculous HR/FB rate of 31%, so don’t expect a HR every 13 ABs in the majors, but expect some really good power still.

The Analysis

Happ is a curious case in fantasy. He is a must add in regards to talent, but it’s hard to know how long he is staying up. The Cubs have a lot of players they need to get in the lineup, and Happ might be the one that suffers for that. Cody Bellinger hit himself into the lineup, and it looks like Happ is doing the same thing. I have him as a speculative add in all leagues if you can waste the bench spot.

MLB Comparison: Jason Kipnis


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