Outfield Rankings

The most overwhelming detail that came out of this exercise was…there is a lot of OF. Here are the top 36 in points and roto


  1. Charlie Blackmon (Col)

  2. Bryce Harper (Was)

  3. Andrew McCutchen (Pit)

  4. Giancarlo Stanton (Mia)

  5. Kris Bryant (CHC)

  6. George Springer (Hou)

  7. Mookie Betts (Bos)

  8. Jose Ramirez (Cle)

  9. Christian Yelich (Mia)

  10. Nelson Cruz (Sea)

  11. Marcell Ozuna (Mia)

  12. Justin Upton (Det)

  13. Brett Gardner (NYY)

  14. Aaron Judge (NYY)

  15. Jay Bruce (NYM)

  16. Adam Jones (Bal)

  17. Mike Trout (LAA)

  18. Khris Davis (Oak)

  19. Whit Merrifield (KC)

  20. Michael Conforto (NYM)

  21. AJ Pollock (Arz)

  22. Cody Bellinger (LAD)

  23. Tommy Pham (StL)

  24. Michael Brantley (Cle)

  25. Yoenis Cespedes (NYM)

  26. Corey Dickerson (TB)

  27. Steven Souza (TB)

  28. Odubel Herrera (Phi)

  29. Willson Contreras (CHC)

  30. Brandon Belt (SF)

  31. Jose Bautista (Tor)

  32. Mark Trumbo (Bal)

  33. Adam Duvall (Cin)

  34. Ender Inciarte (Atl)

  35. Marwin Gonzalez (Hou)

  36. Matt Kemp (Atl)

Yeah, Mike Trout is at 17, if you know me, you know that he’s my man crush, so, me and the numbers are having a break for a bit…

LA's Finest...well, almost

LA's Finest...well, almost


  1. Charlie Blackmon (Col)

  2. Andrew McCutchen (Pit)

  3. George Springer (Hou)

  4. Giancarlo Stanton (Mia)

  5. Bryce Harper (Was)

  6. Billy Hamilton (Cin)

  7. Mookie Betts (Bos)

  8. Jose Ramirez (Cle)

  9. Justin Upton (Det)

  10. Mike Trout (LAA)

  11. Tommy Pham (StL)

  12. Trea Turner (Was)

  13. Kris Bryant (CHC)

  14. Whit Merrifield (KC)

  15. Aaron Judge (NYY)

  16. Steven Souza (TB)

  17. Marcell Ozuna (Mia)

  18. Eduardo Nunez (Bos)

  19. Christian Yelich (Mia)

  20. Chris Taylor (LAD)

  21. Nelson Cruz (Sea)

  22. Brett Gardner (NYY)

  23. Marwin Gonzalez (Hou)

  24. Bradley Zimmer (Cle)

  25. Adam Jones (Bal)

  26. Cody Bellinger (LAD)

  27. Rajai Davis (Oak)

  28. Domingo Santana (Mil)

  29. Jay Bruce (NYM)

  30. Yoenis Cespedes (NYM)

  31. Odubel Herrera (Phi)

  32. JD Martinez (Arz)

  33. AJ Pollock (Arz)

  34. Jose Bautista (Tor)

  35. Mark Trumbo (Bal)

  36. Willson Contreras (CHC)

Again, with Trout being this low, even at 10, you just have to remember that in both list, even with missing time, he’s a starting OF.


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