Week 3 is almost in the books and it was definitely the best week yet. Not exactly for fans of the Lions, Bengals, Giants, or Steelers, but it was exciting, none the less. 


Jacoby Brissett (Ind) - 27.6 FP

Jacoby made Colts fans forget about Luck...for one game

Jacoby made Colts fans forget about Luck...for one game

The easy pick for me would have been....Jared Goff of course. Instead, I went with an even more unlikely QB to end the week in the top 5. Brissett isn't a good NFL quarterback yet, but he can be a good streaming fantasy QB until Andrew Luck gets back. 

FNA: Brissett is a streamer, even in 2 QB leagues 


Thompson or Le'Veon?

Thompson or Le'Veon?

Chris Thompson (Was) - 24.8 FP

All he has done this season is score over 10 points every week in standard scoring, and 2 weeks of over 20. Thompson is the 6th RB in STANDARD. He looks like a different athlete than everyone else on the field for the first 3 weeks.

FNA: Needs to be added everywhere, and sold high when possible. 


Stefon Diggs (Min) - 29.3 FP

Can you Digg it?

Can you Digg it?

Could it be anyone other than Diggs? I didn't think so either. Diggs went full newser on Sunday. 8 for 173 and 2, yeah, that'll work. Who needs Sam Brad-hurt when you have WRs (Thielen did work also) like this. 

FNA: Diggs needs to be a fixture in your lineup every week. 


Luke Willson (Sea) - 11.3

Spells his last name wrong, but Iforgive him

Spells his last name wrong, but Iforgive him

The easy answer here was Mercedes Lewis, but he was in London so I'm not sure that actually counts. Willson scored more than the starting TE in Seattle, Jimmy Graham. Willson was a speculative add in a 2 TE league of mine. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you're TE1 is Eric Ebron

FNA: Nothing, he's only an add in 2 TE leagues that are 16 teams or more. 

There was a lot of...stuff going on in week 3. I don't have much to say about all of that, but, on field, let's hope for more games like Sunday's. 


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