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Top 200 Rankings - Shane Davis

I know it’s late in the year but here is my updated Preseason Top 200 Fantasy List! I used ½ point PPR as my logic as it can help in both PPR and standard scoring. This list is built for Fantasy drafts which is why in later rounds the positions are in tier groups. The number on the far left is the position rank, the number on the right is the overall rank. Good luck!

Bell and DJ.jpg

Call me old fashioned but 90% of the time I’m still a “draft 2 RB’s first guy”. When it comes to a fantasy draft my first 2 or 3 rounds two things are paramount to me, impact and consistency. There is no consistency I love more than a player that gets 20 to 25 touches a game which is usually only found at the RB position.

1ST Round Picks All players that can confidently be drafted in the 1st round as an every-week starter without concern of being in a time share.
1    1    David Johnson, Ari RB
2    2    Le'Veon Bell, Pit RB
3    8    LeSean McCoy, Buf RB
4    9    Devonta Freeman, Atl RB
5    10    Melvin Gordon, LAC RB
6    11    Jay Ajayi, Mia RB
7    12    DeMarco Murray, Ten RB
8    13    Jordan Howard, Chi RB

Solid RB1’s/Elite RB2’s This group is players that if you went WR in round 1 will still give you consistent performance from the RB1 Spot or if you went RB-RB would solidify your starting RB’s so you can gamble on WR’s and TE’s in later rounds.
9    22    Todd Gurley, LAR RB
10    23    Marshawn Lynch, Oak RB
11    24    Isaiah Crowell, Cle RB
12    25    Lamar Miller, Hou RB
13    26    Danny Woodhead, Bal RB
14    27    Kareem Hunt, KC RB
15    28    Leonard Fournette, Jax RB
16    29    Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB

Solid RB2’s these players are either starters on teams or are in systems where they will still get enough work to justify your RB2 spot or possibly RB1 in large leagues or if you went Zero RB strategy
17    40    Christian McCaffrey, Car RB
18    41    Carlos Hyde, SF RB
19    42    Frank Gore, Ind RB
20    43    Mark Ingram, NO RB
21    44    Dalvin Cook, Min RB
22    45    Ty Montgomery, GB RB
23    46    Bilal Powell, NYJ RB
24    47    Joe Mixon, Cin RB
25    48    Darren McFadden, Dal RB
26    64    Adrian Peterson, NO RB
27    65    Paul Perkins, NYG RB
28    73    Mike Gillislee, NE RB
29    74    Tevin Coleman, Atl RB
30    75    Theo Riddick, Det RB
31    76    Ameer Abdullah, Det RB
32    77    C.J. Anderson, Den RB

Bye week fillers hopefully you already have 2 or 3 RB’s when you are drafting these players, but will get enough carries to fill in on the Bye weeks or be large league (12+) Flex options that definitely have potential upside to score double-digit points
33    86    Robert Kelley, Wsh RB
34    87    Terrance West, Bal RB
35    88    Duke Johnson Jr., Cle RB
36    93    Doug Martin, TB RB
37    94    Jacquizz Rodgers, TB RB
38    95    LeGarrette Blount, Phi RB
39    96    Eddie Lacy, Sea RB
40    97    Darren Sproles, Phi RB
41    98    C.J. Prosise, Sea RB
42    99    Giovani Bernard, Cin RB
43    100    Jonathan Stewart, Car RB

Handcuffs/Late round fliers Worth a little reach if you have the RB ahead of them on the depth chart or a double digit round flier. Tons of upside in this group but some incredibly low floors as well
44    130    Derrick Henry, Ten RB
45    131    Samaje Perine, Wsh RB
46    132    Chris Thompson, Wsh RB
47    133    Jamaal Charles, Den RB
48    134    Alvin Kamara, NO RB
49    135    Latavius Murray, Min RB
50    136    Rex Burkhead, NE RB
51    137    James White, NE RB
52    138    Shane Vereen, NYG RB
53    139    Matt Forte, NYJ RB
54    140    T.J. Yeldon, Jax RB
55    149    Thomas Rawls, Sea RB
56    150    James Conner, Pit RB
57    151    Devontae Booker*, Den RB
58    152    DeAndre Washington, Oak RB
59    171    Charles Sims, TB RB
60    172    Robert Turbin, Ind RB
61    173    D'Onta Foreman, Hou RB
62    174    Charcandrick West, KC RB
63    175    Dion Lewis, NE RB
64    176    Tarik Cohen, Chi RB


There are a few WR’s that I just can’t pass up to build my team around though. I typically like to use my WR as more my “gamble positions” but as you will see there are some WR’s that I feel are virtually matchup proof and consistent enough I trust them to carry my team.

1st Round Picks Elite pass catchers that are head and shoulders above the rest of the league at the position that you can’t let slip by you in the 1st round.
1    3    Antonio Brown, Pit WR
2    4    Julio Jones, Atl WR
3    5    Mike Evans, TB WR
4    6    Jordy Nelson, GB WR
5    7    Odell Beckham Jr., NYG WR

Solid WR1’s/ Elite WR2’s If you are wanting to go Zero RB strategy or in a larger league these WR’s will still be the primary target on their teams with stable QB situations (minus Garcon but Hoyer LOVES his WR1).
6    14    Michael Thomas, NO WR
7    15    A.J. Green, Cin WR
8    17    Brandin Cooks, NE WR
9    18    T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
10    19    Demaryius Thomas, Den WR
11    20    Dez Bryant, Dal WR
12    21    Keenan Allen, LAC WR
13    30    Terrelle Pryor Sr., Wsh WR
14    31    DeAndre Hopkins, Hou WR
15    32    Amari Cooper, Oak WR
16    33    Doug Baldwin, Sea WR
17    34    Alshon Jeffery, Phi WR
18    35    Davante Adams, GB WR
19    36    Michael Crabtree, Oak WR
20    37    Pierre Garcon, SF WR
21    38    Golden Tate, Det WR

Consistent WR2’s/Elite Flex options Hopefully these players aren’t the first WR you are taking unless you already have Aaron Rodgers AND Gronk but still should give you consistent solid performances at your WR2 or smaller league Flex spot.
22    54    Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR
23    55    Emmanuel Sanders, Den WR
24    56    Jarvis Landry, Mia WR
25    57    Kelvin Benjamin, Car WR
26    58    Willie Snead, NO WR
27    59    Jamison Crowder, Wsh WR
28    60    Stefon Diggs, Min WR
29    61    Allen Robinson, Jax WR
30    62    Tyreek Hill, KC WR
31    63    Sammy Watkins, LAR WR
32    66    Martavis Bryant, Pit WR
33    67    Brandon Marshall, NYG WR
34    78    Jeremy Maclin, Bal WR
35    79    Mike Wallace, Bal WR
36    80    Tyrell Williams, LAC WR
37    81    Eric Decker, Ten WR
38    82    Adam Thielen, Min WR
39    83    Kenny Britt, Cle WR
40    84    Donte Moncrief, Ind WR
41    85    Chris Hogan, NE WR

Bye week fillers and gambles I’m sure at least 5 of these WR’s will be top 20 this year…but who knows which ones? Definitely worth a double digit round flier though.
42    101    Rishard Matthews, Ten WR
43    102    DeSean Jackson, TB WR
44    103    Corey Davis, Ten WR
45    104    Randall Cobb, GB WR
46    115    Jordan Matthews, Buf WR
47    116    Corey Coleman, Cle WR
48    117    DeVante Parker, Mia WR
49    118    Sterling Shepard, NYG WR
50    119    Zay Jones, Buf WR
51    120    John Brown, Ari WR
52    126    Josh Doctson, Wsh WR
53    127    Ted Ginn Jr., NO WR
54    128    Kevin White, Chi WR
55    129    John Ross, Cin WR
56    141    Cooper Kupp, LAR WR
57    142    Kenny Stills, Mia WR
58    143    Nelson Agholor, Phi WR
59    144    Marqise Lee, Jax WR
60    145    Cole Beasley, Dal WR
61    146    Taylor Gabriel, Atl WR
62    147    Marvin Jones, Det WR
63    148    J.J. Nelson, Ari WR
64    164    Robert Woods, LAR WR
65    165    Breshad Perriman, Bal WR
66    166    Kenny Golladay, Det WR
67    167    Tyler Lockett, Sea WR
68    168    Curtis Samuel, Car WR
69    169    Robby Anderson, NYJ WR
70    170    Chris Conley, KC WR


As you can see by my overall rankings, I don’t value the QB position as much as many do and I very rarely ever have a top-tier QB on my fantasy roster. But that’s not to say I’ve seen people I’ve shook my head at how early they have taken a QB not win the entire league, so keep this in mind as you read these rankings.

The Big 3 You know who they are. In my opinion I think they are they only QB’s worth taking in the 3rd through 5th rounds…but I won’t scoff too much if you want to reach for them in the 1st or 2nd.
1    39    Aaron Rodgers, GB QB
2    49    Tom Brady, NE QB
3    53    Drew Brees, NO QB

Mid-round targets QB’s that are going to have point totals almost comparable to the Big 3 but that you should be able draft at a much better value. Every player here would be a deadly weapon if you stacked them with their #1 WR.
4    68    Matt Ryan, Atl QB
5    69    Andrew Luck*, Ind QB
6    70    Kirk Cousins, Wsh QB
7    71    Russell Wilson, Sea QB
8    72    Cam Newton, Car QB
9    73    Derek Carr, Oak QB

Double digit round targets While everyone else has been reaching for QB’s and you’ve been hoarding RB’s and WR’s it’s time finally pick your signal caller. Any of these QB’s should do a fine job. A strategy I like is going back to back QB’s in rounds after the 10th and streaming depending on matchups or seeing if one has breakout year and cutting the other.
10    106    Philip Rivers, LAC QB
11    107    Matthew Stafford, Det QB
12    108    Marcus Mariota, Ten QB
13    109    Jameis Winston, TB QB
14    110    Dak Prescott, Dal QB
15    111    Carson Wentz, Phi QB
16    112    Tyrod Taylor, Buf QB
17    113    Andy Dalton, Cin QB
18    114    Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB
19    153    Carson Palmer, Ari QB
20    154    Blake Bortles, Jax QB
21    155    Eli Manning, NYG QB
22    156    Joe Flacco, Bal QB
23    157    Alex Smith, KC QB


Very diverse position in fantasy just as it is in “real” football. Can be an early round solid performer or surprise with the occasional zero spot if the team’s gameplan goes in a different direction.

The Elite Really Gronk should be in his own category here but I’m going to lump him in with the rest. These players will get enough usage and productivity you can confidently take them before your RB and WR spots are filled.
1    16    Rob Gronkowski, NE TE
2    50    Jordan Reed, Wsh TE
3    51    Travis Kelce, KC TE
4    52    Greg Olsen, Car TE

Solid TE’s Feel good if you landed any of these TE’s, you will get plenty of TD’s and usage…hopefully while having plenty of value on the rest of your roster.
5    90    Delanie Walker, Ten TE
6    91    Jimmy Graham, Sea TE
7    92    Tyler Eifert, Cin TE
8    93    Kyle Rudolph, Min TE
9    121    Zach Ertz, Phi TE
10    122    Hunter Henry, LAC TE
11    123    Jack Doyle, Ind TE
12    124    Eric Ebron, Det TE
13    125    Martellus Bennett, GB TE

Insurance TE’s These players should on fantasy rosters, but should only be your TE1 in VERY deep leagues. Worth a last 3 flier draft pick if you have one of the more injury prone TE’s (Gronk, Reed, Eifert).
14    158    C.J. Fiedorowicz, Hou TE
15    159    Jason Witten, Dal TE
16    160    Julius Thomas, Mia TE
17    161    Austin Hooper, Atl TE
18    162    Cameron Brate, TB TE
19    163    Evan Engram, NYG TE


I am ALWAYS a defense in last 2 rounds guy because I know, first bad matchup, I am dropping them anyway. This is why a few teams like Pittsburgh and LA Chargers (still sounds so weird) are on here. I don’t think they will necessarily be top 12 fantasy defenses. Their early schedules just warrant them being rostered.

1    177    Broncos D/ST, Den D/ST
2    178    Seahawks D/ST, Sea D/ST
3    179    Texans D/ST, Hou D/ST
4    180    Patriots D/ST, NE D/ST
5    181    Chiefs D/ST, KC D/ST
6    182    Cardinals D/ST, Ari D/ST
7    183    Vikings D/ST, Min D/ST
8    184    Panthers D/ST, Car D/ST
9    185    Steelers D/ST, Pit D/ST
10    186    Bengals D/ST, Cin D/ST
11    187    Raiders D/ST, Oak D/ST
12    188    Chargers D/ST, LAC D/ST


Because apparently we still let Kickers be a part of fantasy

1    189    Justin Tucker, Bal K
2    190    Dan Bailey, Dal K
3    191    Matt Bryant, Atl K
4    192    Stephen Gostkowski, NE K
5    193    Adam Vinatieri, Ind K
6    194    Wil Lutz, NO K
7    195    Matt Prater, Det K
8    196    Sebastian Janikowski, Oak K
9    197    Dustin Hopkins, Wsh K
10    198    Caleb Sturgis, Phi K
11    199    Mason Crosby, GB K
12    200    Cairo Santos, KC K


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Fantasy Football: 2017 Dynasty League Rookie Mock Draft

Christian McCaffrey (RB-Car) was the 2nd pick of our 2017 fantasy football dynasty league rookie mock draft.

Christian McCaffrey (RB-Car) was the 2nd pick of our 2017 fantasy football dynasty league rookie mock draft.

Let's review the Fantasy News Hour's 2017 fantasy football dynasty league rookie mock draft.

The draft was a 12-team, 2-round, dynasty league, rookie draft. The draft was a non-snake draft - meaning the team with the 1st pick also had the 13th, and so on. There were four drafters, each drafting three teams.

The drafters were:

  • Peter M. Lopez (1, 5 & 9), co-host of the Fantasy News Hour, fantasy football legend (in my mind, at least), and FNH circus master.
  • Brandon McAuliffe (2, 6 & 10), Abilene Reporter-News sports reporter, quite possibly the worst fantasy football player in history, and FNH regular guest.
  • Jacob Bullinger (3, 7 & 11), a.k.a. BigBadBull89, Pokemon Go addict, and loyal FNH Superfan
  • TJ Wilson (4, 8 & 12), co-host of the Fantasy News Hour, draft junkie, and FNH's resident stat nerd and sabermetrician.

Here are the results:

2017 Fantasy Football Dynasty League Rookie Mock Draft

Leonard Fournette (RB-Jax) was the first pick of the Fantasy News Hour 2017 dynasty league rookie mock draft.

Leonard Fournette (RB-Jax) was the first pick of the Fantasy News Hour 2017 dynasty league rookie mock draft.

Round 1

Most notable and most obvious was the run on running backs with the first four picks.

It's not a huge surprise that Leonard Fournette (RB-Jax) and Christian McCaffrey (RB-Car) went one and two, but everyone must have wanted to secure a running back because Dalvin Cook (RB-Min) and Joe Mixon (RB-Cin) went three and four. Mixon could be a steal at four. Actually, I was hoping Mixon would fall to me at five, but he did not.

My bias toward tight ends led me to take O.J. Howard (TE-TB) fifth. Admittedly, it was a bit of a reach, but Howard could be a top-tier tight end for years to come.

It's somewhat surprising that Corey Davis (WR-Ten) fell to seventh, after Mike Williams (WR-LAC) was drafted sixth. As of this writing, ESPN's Mike Clay and Pro Football Focus both have Davis as the No. 1 rated rookie for 2017, so a fall to seventh is unlikely in most drafts, but it did happen here.

Another mini-run on running backs followed with Samaje Perine (RB-Was) and D'Onta Foreman (RB-Hou) going eight and nine. I agree, I reached for Foreman, but I'm a Longhorns fan, and I'm not sold on Lamar Miller (RB-Hou). And, just like Mixon, Perine could be a Sooner steal at eight.

Deshaun Watson (QB-Hou) at ten is a little early for me; but if you are drafting in Texas, there's bound to be a Texans fan or two in your league. Watson probably does have the most immediate fantasy impact for a rookie quarterback, and he has excellent weapons.

David Njoku (TE-Cle) and Zay Jones (WR-Buf) rounded out the top twelve, and both have big question marks at quarterback. Their talent isn't a question, but their opportunity is.

Round 2

Patrick Mahomes (QB-KC) was the 4th pick of the second round in our rookie dynasty league draft.

Patrick Mahomes (QB-KC) was the 4th pick of the second round in our rookie dynasty league draft.

I was thrilled Kareem Hunt (RB-KC) fell to me with the first pick of round two, 13 overall. Jamaal Charles (RB-Den) is sporting new duds in Denver, and the Chiefs don't seem to be sold on Spencer Ware (RB-KC).

Mitch Trubisky (QB-Chi) was the No. 2 overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, but only the No. 2 pick of the second round in our rookie draft. Someone is wrong, either the Chicago Bears or the four of us. Trubisky could be a fine NFL quarterback, but he's not a fantasy option in 2017 or anytime soon.

John Ross (WR-Cin) and Curtis Samuel (WR-Car) went next. Both are talented wide receivers in good offenses, but both have excellent WR1's in front of them.

My own personal favorite pick was Patrick Mahomes (QB-KC) in round two. It's a long-term dynasty league stash, I do realize, but Mahomes is a gamble worth taking. He's got the best arm talent of any quarterback in the draft, and Andy Reid is a QB-wizard. In two to three years, Mahomes will be the man in KC and on your fantasy team.

Evan Engram (TE-NYG) fell surprisingly far to 18 overall. I think this speaks more to the depth of running backs than Engram himself, though.

Speaking of running backs...there was another run at 19, 20, 21, 23 and 24. Wow! It feels like the good old days with so many running backs going here. Marlon Mack (RB-Ind), James Connor (RB-Pit), Jamal Williams (RB-GB), Wayne Gallman (RB-NYG) and Alvin Kamara (RB-NO) all could surprise us and be top-12 running backs this season. I don't know that I would bet on any one of them being that, but I'd take the field and bet that one of them is.

Only Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster (WR-Pit) - the funnest name in football - broke the sting of five consecutive running backs.

DeShone Kizer (QB-Cle) was among the undrafted in our 2017 fantasy football rookie draft, but could surprise in a year or two.

DeShone Kizer (QB-Cle) was among the undrafted in our 2017 fantasy football rookie draft, but could surprise in a year or two.


  • Notable absences were receivers Carlos Henderson (WR-Den), Taywan Taylor (WR-Ten), ArDarius Stewart (WR-NYJ), Cooper Kupp (WR-LAR), and Josh Reynolds (WR-TB). Most of them went to crowded receiving corps, and Stewart and Kupp went to the Jets and Rams.
  • Undrafted backs were Donnel Pumphrey (RB-Phi), Aaron Jones (RB-GB), and Jeremy McNichols (RB-TB). Again, crowded backfields.
  • Deshone Kizer (QB-Cle) is the only quarterback of note to go undrafted. The Browns roster, however, is looking better and better. Kizer could surprise some folks in a year or two.
  • 12, or one-half of all picks were running backs. I don't know if that speaks to the depth of RB in this class, or the lack of good ones in the NFL. Probably both.


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Don't Dodge Alford

A look at the fantasy value of Toronto Blue Jays prospect Anthony Alford.

A look at the fantasy value of Toronto Blue Jays prospect Anthony Alford.

The Blue Jays start of the season can be defined by a blister and a calf. Injuries have been a big part of most of the teams to begin this season, but Aaron Sanchez going to the DL for the 3rd time with his blister issue and Donaldson being gone for the majority of the season, has been especially tough for the Blue Jays. With the Jays early season struggles, it’s time to look at some youngsters, enter, Anthony Alford.

Who is this Anthony Alford fellow?

The Ranks

  • Baseball Prospectus: 93
  • Baseball America: 59
  • MLB Pipeline: 70
  • Keith Law: 55

Scouting Grades

  • Hit: 35/40
  • Raw Power: 60
  • Game Power: 40/50
  • Speed: 70
  • Fielding: 45/55
  • Throw: 40
  • Future Value: 50

Alford has great speed and plus power. It’s a little scary that he hasn’t played in AAA yet, but in regards to physical tools, especially on the offensive side, he has everything you want.

The Numbers

  • .325/.411/.455, 3 HR, 9 SB, .867 OPS in 141 PA for AA New Hampshire
  • wRC+: 144
  • wOBA: .393

Alford needs to start converting that raw power into game power. With an ISO of only .130 in AA, the power just isn’t there in game situations yet. We have to remember that this is AA, and BABIP will always be higher than we’re used to seeing. His .385 mark isn’t far from what he can replicate with his speed. If he can continue to be close to his 11% walk rate and 17% k rate, he should be relevant sooner rather than later.

The Analysis

Alford isn’t getting a ton of playing time as of now, especially when playing in NL parks. If he does start to get regular at bats, he needs to be added in deeper leagues and put on your watch list in all other leagues. He is especially valuable in sabermetric and points leagues (OBP/OPS).

MLB Comparison: Ender Inciarte


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The Braves go to Rio

The Atlanta Braves called up third base prospect Rio Ruiz. What is his fantasy value?

The Atlanta Braves called up third base prospect Rio Ruiz. What is his fantasy value?

It’s no secret that the Atlanta Braves are in rebuild mode. The best player on the team went down with a broken wrist last week, while that’s a terrible thing (especially for a Braves fan), it reminds the Braves that they are in rebuild mode. When Freddie Freeman went down, the Braves called up one of their many prized prospects, Rio Ruiz.

Getting to know Rio Ruiz: 

The Ranks

  • Fangraphs Stats Only Top 100: 68

This is a measure of statistics in the minor leagues, and bypasses the scouts take.

Scouting Grades

  • Hit Tool: 20/55
  • Game Power: 20/50+
  • Raw Power: 55
  • Speed: 40
  • Future Value: 55

Expect him to hit enough to stay in the lineup, he should have good power and has a decent hit tool.

The Numbers

  • .262/.305/.447, 4 HR, 1 SB, .751 OPS in 151 PA in AAA (Gwinnett)
  • wRC+: 109
  • wOBA: .332

Ruiz was a rare call-up in that he wasn’t really over performing in AAA to the level of some of the recent call-ups. His K rate is at 26.5%, and is walking at a rate of 6%. Neither are exceptional, so the call-up was need based and not necessarily numbers based.

The Analysis

Ruiz is a talented hitter that should get a legit chance to show he belongs in the big leagues. He is only a speculative add in anything more than deep leagues. He’s not well known and doesn’t have the prospect shine, so add him when he starts to get hot.  

MLB Comparison: Travis Shaw


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A Zimmer of Hope in Cleveland

Zimmer is now patrolling CF in Cleveland

Zimmer is now patrolling CF in Cleveland

Cleveland should be the best team in the AL, but they don’t even have the best record in the AL Central. The Twins made a move last weekend bringing up starting pitching stud, Jose Berrios, and now the Indians are bringing up their top prospect, Bradley Zimmer.

Why you should add Bradley Zimmer:

The Rankings:

  • Baseball America: 54
  • Keith Law: Just outside the top 100
  • Baseball Prospectus: 80
  • MLB Pipeline: 19

Not a lot of consensus among rankers, but for fantasy purposes, he has hit in the minors, and that’s ultimately all we care about. His scouting grades show a player that could be a power/speed asset.

  • Hit: 20/55
  • GamePower: 20/50
  • RawPower: 50/55
  • Speed: 60/55
  • Future Value: 50

The Numbers:

  • .294/.371/.532, 5 HR, 9 S, .902 OPS in 144 PA in AAA (Columbus)
  • wRC+: 153
  • wOBA: .395
  • Since May 1: .326/.442/.558, 183 wRC+ and a 1.000 OPS

Zimmer has shown a little power and a lot of speed in the minors. He hit a HR around every 30 PAs and a steal in around every 17 PAs. He topped out at 14 HR and 33 steals in 2016 in 407 PAs in AA last season. His walk rate is at 9.7% which is a good number but his 29.9% K rate is pretty high for a minor league bat.

The Analysis:

Zimmer should be up for good in 2017, and should give you 10+ HRs and 20+ steals. Expect somewhere in the .260 range for average to start out with, but with the power and speed numbers, he’s a must add in all leagues. Zimmer in the Cleveland offense, even hitting at the bottom to start, will help with his runs scored and RBI opportunities. Get excited.


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Welcome to the Berrios

The Twins have been one of the early season surprises, leading the AL Central. They have a fun lineup that can score runs in a hurry. To begin the season, I thought this team could be in the hunt for one of the wild card spots. They have started to believe that also. They brought up their best prospect, Jose Berrios, and we all should be excited about him in the fantasy community, even if he struggled in 2016.

Berrios was called up for the Twins and spun a gem

Berrios was called up for the Twins and spun a gem

Berrios was terrible in 2016, posting numbers that made him beyond un-ownable. He started in AAA this season and owned it. At the time he came up, he had a 1.13 ERA, .81 WHIP, and a 2.58 FIP. It is the minors, but sometimes going down, after failing in the Majors, can be a good thing (see: Trout, Mike).

Berrios has been very good at HR prevention, under .75/9 in all years in the minors. That’s an impressive feat, being that Berrios is a fly ball pitcher. What that says to me is that he has been good at preventing hard contact. He was around a strikeout per inning in the minors, which roughly translates to 7.5 to 8 k/9 in the majors, so he won’t be an elite strikeout guy, but will be good enough. His FIP has been under 3 the last couple of years, which doesn’t count in fantasy, but does show true talent. Berrios isn’t going to walk anyone either. He’s posted under a 2BB/9 for this season, and has seemed to find his control.

His scouting profile is exciting as well. He has a plus fastball and curveball, an average to plus slider and change up, and average command. What that means is that he won’t be a slave to one pitch. Expect him to be effective multiple times through a lineup.

All that to say, pick up Jose Berrios in all leagues, if nothing else, you might catch lightning in a bottle.


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The Mets Need to Start Smelling the Ros...ario

When will the New York Mets call up top prospect Amed Rosario?

When will the New York Mets call up top prospect Amed Rosario?

The Mets have had a rash of injuries, and have been, well, the Mets (a.k.a. a train wreck). They need help on offense, especially with Yoenis Cespedes out and David Wright still not anywhere ready to play. Asdrubal Cabrera banged up his thumb, which should have put him on the 10-day DL, and maybe after the May 13 Super-2 deadline, he will be placed on the DL.

When that happens, expect the Mets to call up Amed Rosario.

Why you should know Amed Rosario:

Prospect Ranks

  • Baseball America: 8
  • Keith Law: 3
  • Baseball Prospectus: 8

Prospect ranks aren't an end-all, be-all, but they show what the scouts think of this guy.

The Numbers

  • 371/413/508 slash line, 2 HR, 7 SB in AAA for 2017.
  • wRC+: 146
  • wOBA: .406

Rosario hasn’t had a problem hitting for average in the minors, but he hasn’t shown a ton of power. Rosario spreads the ball around the field (37% pull, 36% oppo), which will keep his average high, and the power lower than if he was a straight pull hitter. With only a 13% K rate, that will also help the average stay high. He has 7 steals and has only been on base 55 times this season. If he is going to steal around 10% of the time (not taking into account extra base hits and being on base with a runner in front of him), you’re going to have a middle infielder that looks like (a non PED using) Starling Marte.

The Analysis

With everyone hitting HRs, average and steals are categories of need for most roto teams. For any team needing either of those categories, Rosario is a must stash, with an expectation that he is up before the end of May. Rosario will, at worst, end as an option at the MI position in roto leagues.


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2017 NFL Rookie Rankings

Christian McCaffrey (RB-Car) could be the first rookie drafted in 2017 fantasy football leagues.

Christian McCaffrey (RB-Car) could be the first rookie drafted in 2017 fantasy football leagues.

In dynasty leagues, the most important part of the season is the rookie draft. This year, there are a lot of players that could make your team much better, even in the second round. Take advantage of all the talent. I would recommend, if you have a pick outside the top 4, trade back and accumulate more picks, especially if you have a few holes on your team.

Top Fantasy Football Rookies for 2017

1. Leonard Fournette (RB, Jax) - He's a workhorse from day one. Expect Todd Gurley's rookie-season numbers.

2. Christian McCaffrey (RB, Car) - Will get touches any way you want him to, including in the return game. He could move into the one spot if your league is PPR or counts return yards.

3. Dalvin Cook (RB, Min) - He's a first round talent that dropped to the second. Cook will win the job outright in Minnesota and could be the top back of this draft if he stays healthy.

4. Joe Mixon (RB, Cin) - Some have said he was the most talented back in the draft. I didn't see that, but I also didn't watch as much film as they did. He should have the backfield by the second half of the season and be productive in the passing game.

5. O.J. Howard (TE, TB) - He's already a top-6 tight end. Jameis Winston keeps getting toys, and this one could be the second best one.

6. Corey Davis (WR, Ten) - Davis is the most talented wide receiver in the draft and should step right in and be, at worst, the second WR. Tennessee wants to run the ball, but Davis will get his shots downfield also.

7. Mike Williams (WR, SD) - A big guy that should get plenty of targets in an offense that will throw the ball, a lot. Williams could very easily end the season as the top WR in this class.

8. Joe Ross (WR, Cin) - "Fast" doesn't do Ross justice, but Cincy has an issue throwing rookies into the fire. Ross is a better real-life option than fantasy option, think DeSean Jackson light.

9. Zay Jones (WR, Buf) - Sammy Watkins now has a legit WR2 to go along with him. Jones could play his way into the target leader, assuming Watkins does Watkins and misses a few games.

10. David Njoku (TE, Cle) - Njoku was the second best TE in this draft, and should end the season as a TE1. Cleveland QBs have to throw it to someone other than Corey Coleman.

DeShaun Watson (QB-Hou) should be the starting quarterback for the Texans early in the 2017 season.

DeShaun Watson (QB-Hou) should be the starting quarterback for the Texans early in the 2017 season.

11. Deshaun Watson (QB, Hou) - If you have another QB, maybe go for one of the higher upside guys. If you need a guy that could start this season, Watson should, at least, have a couple games worth a first-round draft slot.

12. Kareem Hunt (RB, KC) - Hunt might not break camp as the starter in KC, but he should break the first quarter of the season with the top spot.

13. Samaje Perine (RB, Was) - Perine and Rob Kelly are similar players. Perine is better, though. Perine will win the starting job before mid-season.

14. Evan Engram (TE, NYG) - Engram doesn't have any real competition, and this offense should be able to score.

15. Chris Samuel (WR, Car) - Samuel is the inverse of his new teammate, McCaffrey. He will start at the slot, but will also get touches everywhere. I can see Samuel moving up in the rankings.

16. Patrick Mahomes (QB, KC) - The highest variance of any player in the draft. He could be Brett Favre or Ryan Leaf. If you have time to wait, he could pay off huge.

17. Mitch Trubisky (QB, Chi) - League scouts thought he was the best QB in this draft. They might be right. He won't start this season, but will have the reigns in 2018.

18. James Conner (RB, Pit) - As of now, Conner is the handcuff to Le'Veon. That alone is reason for a draft spot. The fact that he was their guy all along gets me excited for Conner.

19. Jamal Williams (RB, GB) - If you don't believe in Ty Montgomery, he should be much higher on your draft list. I do believe in Montgomery, so Williams has value, but will only be the banger.

20. Marlon Mack (RB, Ind) - Frank Gore can't cheat father time forever, can he? I don't believe he can, so Mack, who is a smaller back, should be drafted. Indy will throw to him also.

21. D'Onta Foreman (RB, Hou) - Lamar Miller is entrenched as the starter, but has injury concerns. Foreman is extremely talented and could be very productive in this offense.

22. Alvin Kamara (RB, NO) - Watch to see if Mark Ingram gets moved. If he does, Kamara is a first-round rookie pick.

23. Joe Williams (RB, SF) - When the coach bangs the table for you, he will give you run. They have Carlos Hyde and traded for Kapri Bibbs on draft night.

24. Cooper Kupp (WR, LAR) - Working in the slot, look for Jamison Crowder type of production. For a rookie, that's pretty good.

Priority Free Agents

Josh Reynolds (WR-LAR) could be the playmaker the Rams have needed at wide receiver for a long time.

Josh Reynolds (WR-LAR) could be the playmaker the Rams have needed at wide receiver for a long time.

Josh Reynolds (WR, LAR) - The Rams need playmakers. Reynolds can be that. This could be one of the QB/WR combos we hear from in later years.

Taywon Taylor (WR, Ten) - Rishard Matthews doesn't always have a clean bill of health, and Davis is hurt now. Taylor could factor in the offense earlier than you think.

Juju Smith-Schuster (WR, Pit) - If Martavis Bryant can't stay clean, or healthy, this could be a steal for both the Steelers and his fantasy owners.

Chris Godwin (WR, TB) - Godwin comes in as the third WR behind Jackson, who will miss some games. Expect Godwin to impress you.

Wayne Gallman (RB, NYG) - He's the goal line back immediately, and he could work himself into more carries, especially if Paul Perkins struggles.

Jonnu Smith (TE, Ten) - A Delaney Walker clone, and has Walker to learn from. Smith could have value, but expect it when Walker retires or moves along.


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Rounds 4-7 Impactful Fantasy Players for the 2017 NFL Draft

Samaje Perine (RB-Was) was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the 4th Round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Samaje Perine (RB-Was) was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the 4th Round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Rounds 4-7 can turn out some NFL stars and definitely some fantasy stars. In just the past year we had Jordan Howard, Paul Perkins, and Tyreek Hill. Some of these players will be also be droppable by their NFL teams, so it’s a crap shoot if you’re doing your fantasy drafts anytime soon.

Marlon Mack (RB, USF) to the Indianapolis Colts – Frank Gore is only getting older, and there isn’t anyone else in the Indy backfield that should take touches away. He's a late round flier, and a good one.

Jamal Williams (RB, BYU) to the Green Bay Packers – Ty Montgomery is the starter, Williams should be the second back, he could work himself into the work horse, and he's a must draft in the late rounds.

Wayne Gallman (RB, Clem) to the New York Giants – Perkins was a later round pick also. Gallman should get secondary touches and could be the goal line back. A speculative add.

Donnell Pumphrey (RB, SDSU) to the Philadelphia Eagles – "Darren Sproles light" is how he is described. Should have PPR value but only when that backfield gets hurt.

Joe Williams (RB, Utah) to the San Francisco 49ers – When the head coach bangs the table for you, expect to get some run. He is the Carlos Hyde handcuff at worst, the starter by mid-season at best.

Jeremy McNicholls (RB, BSU) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This offense seems to go through some RBs, and McNicholls will need to show he is better than 3 backs to be valuable.

Samaje Perine (RB, OU) to the Washington Redskins – Perine and Rob Kelly are very similar. I personally think that Perine will show to be better. One of my favorite late-round RBs in re-drafts, and a sneaky, late first rounder in rookie drafts.

Josh Reynolds (WR, A&M) to the Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff has to throw to someone. Reynolds could crack the starting lineup and get some serious targets, take a flier on him.

Jake Butt (TE, Mich) to the Denver Broncos – A steal for the Broncos, and he could also be for dynasty leagues. Might not play in 2017, so a huge risk in re-drafts.

Bucky Hodges (TE, VMI) to the Minnesota Vikings – Rudolph isn’t a spring chicken, and Bradford will throw short.

Jordan Leggett (TE, Clem) to the Jacksonville Jaguars – They traded Julius Thomas, so this could be a position to watch.

Some, if not most, of these guys won’t be drafted. If nothing else, remember their names.


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NFL Draft 2017 Fantasy Impact for Rounds 2 and 3

Dalvin Cook (RB-Min) fell to the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft to the Minnesota Vikings.

Dalvin Cook (RB-Min) fell to the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft to the Minnesota Vikings.

Round 1 was fun, but where a lot of teams make their team better is rounds 2 and 3. Here are the fantasy-relevant players from the second and third rounds.

Round 2

Zay Jones (WR, ECU) to the Buffalo Bills – They needed to add a wide receiver to help Sammy Watkins. Some scouts have Jones as the best in this draft. He’s a flier in re-drafts, and a late first rounder in rookie drafts

Chris Samuel (RB/WR, OSU) to the Carolina Panthers – He’s basically the same type of player as Christian McCaffrey. He’s a speculative add in re-drafts, and a 2nd rounder in rookie drafts.

Dalvin Cook (RB, FSU) to the Minnesota Vikings – Cook should have been a first round pick, but because of a shoulder issue and character concerns, he fell to the Vikings in round 2. He’s a 5th round pick in re-draft and a top 4 pick in rookie drafts.

Gerald Everett (TE, South Alabama) to the LA Rams – He should develop to help Jared Goff, but isn’t anywhere near fantasy relevant.

Adam Sheheen (TE, Ashland) to the Chicago Bears – The Bears drafted a potential franchise QB in the first round and drafted a TE that should be there for a long time in the second. Not fantasy relevant.

Joe Mixon (RB, OU) to the Cincinnati Bengals – Mixon has a lot of baggage, and some people won’t draft him because of that, if you are not in that group, he should be drafted in the 6th or 7th round in re-drafts and a top 5 pick in rookie drafts.

DeShone Kizer (QB, ND) to the Cleveland Browns – The Browns did some things in this draft, and Kizer in the second was one of them. He has no relevance in 2017 but should be a low 1st or high 2nd in rookie drafts.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, USC) to the Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers like to add WRs to help Big Ben, and Smith-Schuster is one of them. With Martavius Bryant back, Smith-Schuster will have to battle Sammy Coates for playing time. He is undraftable in re-drafts and a late second in rookie drafts.

D'Onta Foreman (RB-Hou) was the Houston Texans' third round draft pick.

D'Onta Foreman (RB-Hou) was the Houston Texans' third round draft pick.

Round 3

Alvin Kamara (RB, Tenn) to the NO Saints – He's going to play the pass-catcher role in NO and is a flier in both re-drafts and the rookie draft.

Cooper Kupp (WR, EWU) to the LA Rams – Immediately, he is the slot receiver in LA. He helps Goff, but that shouldn’t be reason to draft him.

Taywan Taylor (WR, WKU) to the Tennessee Titans – Should fight for slot work, as of now, not a fantasy option.

ArDarius Stewart (WR, Ala) to the NY Jets – The Jets always need playmakers, and he should fit into the WR fold somewhere.

Carlos Henderson (WR, LTU) to the Denver Broncos – A lot of buzz for Henderson before the draft. This could be a good fit if Denver ever gets the QB situation fixed.

Chris Godwin (WR, PSU) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Another weapon for Winston, but there is a log jam for snaps. Some people had Godwin as the 3rd best WR in the draft.

Kareem Hunt (RB, Toledo) to the KC Chiefs – Should be fighting for carries immediately, and should be drafted as a handcuff to Spencer Ware and late first, early second in rookie drafts.

Davis Webb (QB, Cal) to the NY Giants – Webb starts as the 3rd string QB in NY. No fantasy relevance .

D’Onta Foreman (RB, Texas) to the Houston Texans – Could have a ton of value if Lamar Miller goes down. He should be Millers handcuff and taken in the second round of the rookie draft.

Kenny Golladay (WR, NIU) to the Detroit Lions – Big and fast, but there’s a lot of WRs in Detroit.

Chad Williams (WR, Gramb) to the Arizona Cardinals – Talented kid, but he has a lot of players to beat out for snaps.

Jonnu Smith (TE, FIU) to the Tennessee Titans – Could be relevant immediately in 2 TE sets, and he could look a lot like his TE mate, Delanie Walker.

C.J. Beathard (QB, Iowa) to the SF 49ers – He's a 3rd string, stop gap backup until Kirk Cousins comes to town.

James Conner (RB, Pitt) to the Pittsburgh Steelers – Bell gets hurt every year; Conner could be the handcuff, which gives him top-10 round value in re-drafts and second round rookie draft value.

Amara Darboh (WR, Mich) to the Seattle Seahawks – Seattle has some guys at the position, but don’t count out Darboh to push himself into some snaps.


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